Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Con Men In Charge

The average person will just not believe that they have elected a “master con man” as president. Obama is a consummate collectivist (socialist, Fascist, etc.), but he has convinced American dupes he is not. That the excesses he is in the process of doing will NOT move us closer to collectivism. I pay attention, so I don’t buy his bull. Don’t YOU buy it, either.

OBAMA WANTS CONTROL OF INTERNET: Relying on his usual con, “neutrality,” he wants to allow the FCC to control the Internet. He SAYS it’s to keep AOL and other providers from limiting what their subscribers can say, but it’s to allow the FCC “their foot in the door” to control the Internet the way they do the “airwaves.” But the Internet is different. There is no limitation on the “amount of space” available on the Internet as there is on “the airwaves.” But he will not let that stop him as he mounts his campaign to take over control of the Internet.

HARDENING THEIR HEARTS: Obama thinks that since he has a majority in Congress (now), he can do anything he wants to do and get away with it. But since he is scaring the hell out of Americans, I think (I hope) they will vote his majority out of office in 2010, and him in 2012. People who used to be practically “licking his boots” are today questioning his excesses. Which can only be a good thing.

THE “MISERY INDEX” IS BACK: Under Carter, we had “The Misery Index,” where they combined all the things that frightened them and came up with a number that represented an “Index of Misery.” It’s back. The “captive news media” hasn’t spoken of it, but you can bet the “alternative media” is doing so. People who were once very happy Obama got elected are now in misery and he’s making it worse every day.

HAPPY KHADDAFY IS HERE: Khaddafy is here for a UN meeting, and he had to stay in a “shelter” because nobody else would take him or allow him to be there. “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan is happy about him being here.He doesn’t mention Khaddafy’s killings, which include sending his people to bomb an airplane full of people over Lockerbie, Scotland, and welcoming the guilty person home as a “hero” after he conned the Scottish authorities into releasing him. Personally, I think we should have refused him a visa. Ahmadanijerk, too.

THEY’RE “WELL FINANCED”: That’s what Obama says about those opposing his health care swindle. Oh, how I wish that were true! Truth is, it is HIS people who are “well financed,” using OUR money. And using the free airtime he can get as president to “sell” his swindles.

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