Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lying to Our Faces

Obama was on EVERY Sunday Talk Show in both the last two weeks, except for Fox. He’s afraid of fox because they will ask him “hard questions. George Stephanopolous asked him a “hard question” on ABC, so I guess he’ll mark ABC off his list, too. The question forced him (Obama) to deny reality and say the dictionary definition of a tax was wrong. Obama is capable of telling the truth, but it’s hard for him. He’d rather lie when the truth would serve better, just as would Bill Clinton.

OBAMA’S AFRAID OF FOX: Obama will not go on Fox. Ever. And for a good reason. He’s afraid of the “hard questions” Fox will ask him. So he’s “marking off” two million viewers because he’s afraid of them. His thugs also stay away from Fox for the same reason. They’re afraid of it. Obama’s a better liar than they are, but he’s afraid of it, too.2

KHADDAFFI ON FOX: He spoke for what seemed like hours, telling us all about how stupid he is. He followed Obama, who did the same. The only difference is, Obama’s stupidity effects US, and Khaddaffi’s doesn’t--unless Obama allows it to. I didn’t think there was anybody uglier than Obama, but Khaddaffi is. The CIA thinks he is “borderline insane,” but I disagree. I think he’s simply totally insane.

WHATEVER HAPPENS: It’s global warming. In Atlanta, which has been in the throes of a drought, they now suffer from an abundance of water, which has flooded them out. I have heard environmentalists say the drought is because of global warming. When the floods came, they said THAT was because of global warming, too.

OBAMA—IT’S NOT A TAX: If it’s “good for you.” George Stephanopolous demanded he respond when he pointed out the “mandate” for Americans in the “health care swindle” WAS a tax. Sounds like a typical collectivist response, to me. Talk about denying the truth!

I AGREE WITH KHADDAFI: Obama should keep his nose out of the business of another country, namely Israel. No, he didn’t say that. His words were for people who might interfere in the business of HIS country. But he is right in the forefront of those who want to interfere in Israel’s business.

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