Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reagan Simplified Taxes

He simplified the tax code in the eighties. Since then, rabid tax-increasing politicians (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too) have re-complicated it 15,000 times.

TOO MUCH PRESSURE: Rep. Joe Wilson’s “outburst” in that joint meeting of Congress, where Obama laid out his litany of lies about the health care swindle (does ANYBODY believe him any more?), and shouted, “You LIE!” was probably the result of his having to sit by and listen to Obama’s lies for too long. It was just too much for him.

“ANGRY MOBS”: Obama calls the groups of people who come out in opposition to his “socialized medicine swindle” “angry mobs.” He may be right; these people are CERTAINLY angry, and their groups might even be called, “mobs.” But they have a RIGHT to be “angry” and, frankly, how are they any different from the “angry mobs” Obama has CREATED in the past in SUPPORT of his flights of fancy? These people are Americans who are fed up.

TYPICAL LIBERAL REACTION: Hackers have caused Rep. Joe Wilson’s web site to shut down for five hours, causing people who wanted to contribute to his campaign to not be able to contribute. This is a typical thing for them to do to ANYBODY whose actions or words they don’t like.

SUDDEN DEATH ANSWER: “Does this dress make my butt look big? “No. Your big butt makes your butt look big.”

I DIDN’T KNOW! Charlie Gibson, a noted liberal news anchor, when asked why he hasn’t covered the major news story about ACORN employees advising a purported whorehouse madam on how to avoid taxes, and he replied, “I didn’t KNOW!” How is it possible he DIDN’T know? He’s a part of the liberal news media where the story has been studiously IGNORED. “Didn’t know.” Gimme a break!

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