Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sinking Dodd

Sen. Christopher Dodd thought he would be, like his “waitress sandwich buddy,” Sen. Kennedy, “senator for life.” But that was before he was caught using his position as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee to get special favors and there came about a Republican politician who wasn’t scared to run against him. He may never be prosecuted for this (he is, after all, a Democrat), but this may spell the end of his “illustrious” career. An election is something the Democrats can’t fully control.

WHAT IF JOE WILSON HAD BEEN A DEMOCRAT?: And the president had been a Republican? Will the Dems punish Pelosi for calling Bush a Nazi after they “censure” Joe Wilson for publicly calling Obama a “liar,” interrupting his “litany of lies?” How about the Murtha, who called our troops in Iraq “murderers?” What a bunch of hypocrites these jerks (Democrats) are! They want to “lynch” Republicans for doing the very same things they have done in the past.

YOU LIE! That’s what Sen. Jim Wilson yelled to Obama as he laid out his litany of lies to a joint Congress session. It was the truth. But I guess telling the truth is an “offense” when the Democrats are “in charge.” The Senate is now threatening a “censure,” which is what Democrat Barney Frank got for allowing his boyfriend to run a gay whorehouse out of his (Barney’s) apartment, which means nothing except to “stain” a person’s reputation.

“MY DOOR IS OPEN”: That’s what Obama says. He keeps saying, “I’ll listen to anybody who has a good idea,” but he hasn’t listened to ANYBODY with a “good idea” yet. People who have tried to get to see him with a “good idea” have been rebuffed. This is like everything else Obama has said; it’s a lie. I’d be interested to hear from ANYBODY with whom he has actually discussed “a good idea.”

“FOR A WHILE”: Obama says, “I intend to be president for a while.” I guess that means he intends to change the law to allow himself to be “president for life.” I intend him to be a “one-term president” if I can pull it off. He’s helping me by scaring Americans to death with all his overspending and promising a lot more than he can ever hope to deliver.

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