Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knee-Jerk Reaction

Democrats quickly attributed the breaking of many windows at their Colorado State Democrat office to conservatives and Republicans until they found out the “perp” was a Democrat cross-dresser.” They’re STILL trying to blame it on us, saying, it wouldn’t have happened if conservatives weren’t “creating hate” over the health care (socialized medicine) debate. Like they’ve never “created hate” to support their positions. Gawd, what a bunch of stupid people they are!

OBAMA LIES (AGAIN): In 2003, at a union meeting, Obama said he WAS in favor of a “single-payer” health care system. He didn’t expect that video to ever come out after he became president, and is now DENYING that’s what he wants. He also said “it may take ten or fifteen years to do it” because they have to do it incrementally in order to get it done without us noticing.

BILL MAHER AGAIN: “On Conan last night, Bill Maher said a lot of ridiculous things including that President Obama should just ram healthcare down America's throat because people are 'too stupid' to get it. Glenn actually appreciates the honesty -- because at least he's not hiding his views. Most progressives pretend to be one thing, while working for the 'progressive' cause of the day. At least Maher is open and honest about what he believes -- even if what he believes is completely insane.” (Glenn Beck) What gives Maher the idea he is smarter than the rest of us? Besides arrogance coupled with ignorance?

“PROGRESSIVE” VS. LIBERAL: Liberals don’t want us to call them liberals any more, because we’ve come to realize that “liberal” means socialist, and they can’t fool us any more. So they want to be called “progressives.” Which means, “progress” toward socialism.

OBVIOUS PREDICTION: Rush Limbaugh predicted several times that the liberals would name Obama’s socialized medicine swindle law after Teddy Kennedy several times in the past. And it was such an obvious prediction that even the liberals agree. Of course, liberals are always obvious in what they do.

“EXPLOITING” KENNEDY’S DEATH: They want to name the socialized medicine scam after Ted Kennedy and are demanding Congress pass it “in memory” of him. They’re mad at Rush for saying that. They always get mad when Rush says the truth and “scores.”

“TRUTH IS REVOLUTIONARY”: According to George Orwell, author of the prophetic book, “1984,” telling the truth is a “revolutionary act.” He says, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

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