Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"They Don't Know ANYTHING!"

That’s what rookie Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is saying about the generals in the field, who say we need MORE TROOPS on the ground in Afghanistan. What the hell makes this fool think she knows more than those generals?

“ARGUING WITH IDIOTS” #1: Glenn Beck’s latest book has been out less than a week and is number one on the Amazon list. Maybe that’s because he’s telling the truth the media is keeping from us and people want to know it.

LOWBALLING: That’s what a car dealer does to get his customers interested in buying a car at a much higher price. Then he slowly adds things to it (as they dicker) until the price ends up as high, or higher than the price he wants to get. Politicians typically “lowball” us every time they want to “sell” us another new “government program” that will cost us a LOT of money.

LISTEN TO MARK TWAIN: He said, “"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress." He was really a “wise prophet.”

SOON YOU’RE TALKING REAL MONEY: Barney Frank once said, “Talk about millions, and billions of dollars. And soon you’re talking about REAL money.” Just what IS “real money” to Barney and the rest of the congressmen in Washington? Oh, I forgot; there are congressWOMEN there, too. My bad. Is a million dollars “real money” to you? It is to me. But then I’m not a congressman (Oops, goofed again!)

FOOLS IN CHARGE: Obama is a fool. And the people he appoints to “advise” him are fools. People like that admitted communist he appointed as his “green czar.” Or the guy he reappointed to run the Fed, who is now going out of his way to AGREE with Obama that the recession is over, when even the “average American” KNOWS it is NOT.

DICTATORS RANT AND RAVE: Ahmadinijerk and Khaddafi (however he spells it today) spoke before the UN recently, and both “ranted and raved” against America, their host. Would anybody DARE to go into either one of their countries and say the kind of things they said about this one? Oh, Amadinijerk even said Obama AGREES with him (the only truth he told)! What a fool!

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