Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Just Didn't Realize

Former Obama “Green Czar” Van Jones says he “didn’t know what he was signing when he signed a document accusing Bush of “fomenting” the 9/11 disaster for his own ends. That tells me he does not have good judgment, and that’s something we should INSIST on in people that close to the president.

NO PROOF OFFERED: Liberals continually say Fox News is “an arm of the Republican Party, with no proof offered, completely ignoring the fact that all other major news sources are “arms of the Democrat Party.” The proof is before us every day in what they cover, and how they "spin" it.

IT’S GONE: The day has gone when the New York Times could kill a story by ignoring it to death and they hate it. They call the Internet, where Americans can go to go around their former monopoly on the news “a vast wasteland and trash pile.”

NO PROFIT NEEDED: Obama’s insistence that you would be able to keep your insurance if you liked it is not logical in view of the fact that the “competition” he’s going to offer to private insurance companies, which MUST make a profit to survive, does NOT have to make a profit. That means your insurance companies will soon go out of business and all that will be LEFT is Obama’s “public option.”

ACCUSING US OF THEIR ACTIONS: That’s a “time-honored” scam used forever by politicians on both sides. Obama slams “pressure groups” while pandering to his own “pressure groups,” of which unions are a good example and the biggest.

STOSSEL DESTROYS SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: His recent “20-20” special does just that, showing the shortcomings of the Canadian and British systems, which Obama wants to bring here. He shows the long waiting lines and a video of Obama lying about his intentions. He also shows heads of state coming HERE for medical treatment. I don’t know how he stays on ABC with its obvious liberal bent.

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