Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joe Wilson $2 Million Richer

His campaign for re-election has received $2 million in donations since his “You lie!” shout to Obama, in spite of the liberals hacking his web site and shutting it down for five hours inhibiting many peoples’ attempts to donate. Sounds like he hit a “golden note.”

VAN JONES BACK AT SOROS: You didn’t think this self-described communist is “out” of Obama’s bunch, did you? The day after he resigned as Obama’s “Green Czar,” he was back at Soros’ “Center for American Progress.” He will continue to be a “strong voice” in everything Obama does, even if he IS “behind the scenes.”

SENATE ASKS DODD TO INVESTIGATE ACORN: what the hell FOR? Dodd is himself “part of the problem,” and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere NEAR any “investigation” into ACORN. It’s like asking the fox to “investigate” the henhouse looting.

CONGRESSIONAL WHITE CAUCUS: Why is there no such organization? There’s a “Congressional BLACK Caucus." I guess that’s because they’re made “special conditions” for black people in the Congress. Such “special consideration” for white people would be “inappropriate. I guess that makes me a racist.

PELOSI DIDN’T KNOW: The Congress DEFUNDED ACORN the other day (they say) and Nancy Pelosi, supposedly the LEADER of the Democrats in Congress, says she didn’t know about it. She says, “I don’t know WHAT they passed.” Does ANYBODY believe this lie?

IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL! But who cares? Everything Obama has done since his election has been unconstitutional, but nobody has “called him” on it, so he gets away with it. Actually, most of what has been done by government since the inception of this country has also been unconstitutional, but for the same reason, they get away with it. The only difference with Obama is EVERYTHING he does is unconstitutional.

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