Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Logical Thinking

According to Time Magazine, only white children are BORN racist. Also, according to liberals, gays are BORN gay, too. For that reason, being gay is "acceptable." So why isn’t racism “acceptable” for the same reason? No, I don’t want racism to be acceptable. But isn’t this “muddy thinking?” If this is how our LEADERS are thinking, how can they BE leaders?

WHY NOT PUNISH STARK? Pete Stark (D-CA) said insulting things about a Republican ON THE FLOOR of the Congress, That’s a “freebie.” A Republican “insulting” a Democrat president, even with truth, apparently is not. The critical factor is whether either is a Democrat or a Republican. A Democrat “gets a pass.” A Republican does not.

CARTER CALLS WILSON A RACIST: Further proving my prediction that electing Obama president will NOT “destroy racism in this country forever,” but in fact would allow Obama and his henchmen (including Carter) to accuse ANYBODY who disagrees with him of being a racist. What’s the “big deal” about him being black, anyway? He’s as much white as he is black.

LIBERALS ARE THE RACISTS: Conservatives do nothing based on the color of someone’s skin, their religion (except for those who want to kill ALL who don’t believe the way they do) or any other difference. It’s the LIBERALS (Democrats) who are so “concerned” about “race relations” that they make laws FORCING people to give SPECIAL TREATMENT to certain people based on those “differences.”

TYPICAL DOUBLE STANDARD: Obama calls a hard-working cop “stupid” for doing his job and arresting a man (who just HAPPENED to be a professor) who was making an unnecessary scene while demanding an apology from a congressman who had “had enough of Obama’s lies” and (truthfully) called him a liar. Is this a double standard, or what?

OBAMA DOES ALL THE “SUNDAY SHOWS”: Except Fox. Is he afraid of Fox, or what? That’s the message I get out of that. Obama and other elite liberals do not DARE to go on Fox because they know Fox will ask them “uncomfortable questions” they’d rather not answer.

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