Thursday, May 19, 2011

Koran is a "Battle Plan"

A battle plan for the conquest of the world by a bunch of fifteenth century buffoons who can only succeed (if they can) by outnumbering real people long enough. Their very basic plan (kill one Infidel and die doing it, and you’re blessed) says it. They are very prolific and breed like rabbits wherever they go. They’ve all but taken over France and the rest of Europe, not by force of arms, but by moving there and “making babies” at an alarming pace. Now they’re doing it here.

GERONIMO! Looks like the American Indians (I refuse to call them “native Americans”) don’t have enough to do. They’re now objecting to the use of Geronimo’s name (a man who killed a few of his own American soldiers before he became an ally) for an operation name.

HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM! Liberals object to it, but it’s the only way to handle people like Osama bin Laden, whose only purpose in life is to kill “Infidels.” That word means ANYBODY who doesn’t believe exactly the same way HE does. Bush put it best, standing on a pile of the rubble they created while murdering 3,000 innocent Americans: “We heard them, and soon they’ll hear from us!” It took ten years (maybe), but Osama has definitely heard from us. He’s dead, and so are many of his people.

OF COURSE THEY’RE MAKING PROFITS! The liberals are making a big thing out of the fact that the oil companies are “making big profits.” Of COURSE they are! They’re not allowed to go out and look for more oil, which is where their profits usually go. But they won’t be making those profits long, with no new sources in the United States for new product and the government stealing more of their profits for themselves. Besides: taxes they pay EQUAL their "profits."

JOBLESS CLAIMS AT 8 MONTH HIGH: And did you hear much about that in the liberal media? You won’t, either, unless they’re forced; and then they’ll play it down and make excuses as to why it isn’t important. They’ll say it’s just people who “gave up” coming back. But why did they “give up?” because there were NO jobs. And there STILL aren’t. But you won’t hear that much anywhere but Fox.

OBAMA NOT GOING TO “POLITICIZE” KILLING OSAMA: But he has done nothing but politicize it ever since that soldier put a bullet in Osama’s brain (he says). Even Fox News had many minutes of silence on screen as Obama went from person to person schmoozing with them at “Ground Zero 9/11.” What else IS this but “politicizing” it? I just hope enough people will realize killing Osama (that’s Osama, not Obama) is not a good reason for re-electing this fool.

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