Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Left Wants Mitch Daniels

That’s the best reason for me NOT to want him to run for president. If he does, he’ll divert enough conservative votes for Obama to “slide on in” to a second term so he can rape this country for another four years. The very fact that liberals are “singing his praises” is enough for me to vote against him.

TEN YEARS: AlGore said we have only about “ten years” left before global warming destroys this world. That was FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. Why does ANYBODY take this jerk seriously?

MAY 21, 2011: Church groups were confidently saying the world will end on May 21, 2011. Didn’t this same group confidently predict the end of the world several years ago? I wonder if I can get overtime if I work the 22nd? Now they're saying confidently it will end on October 21, 2011. Does anybody believe this? They're still asking you to send money.

CAN THEY SUE? In Louisiana, they’re purposely flooding homes in rural areas to “save” more populated areas. Did anybody ask those homeowners and farmers if they thought that was right? Can they sue the state for their losses? If so, can they collect anything during their lifetime?

I LIKE BACHMANN: I don’t know a thing about her yet, except I like what she says. But the very fact that both the right and the left are giving her hell tells me she frightens them as much as Sarah Palin does. So I would probably vote for either one, whichever gets on the ticket. But not if she’s in the second slot to a “squishy conservative,” as Sarah was with McCain.

SCHWARZENEGGER GUILTY OF ADULTERY: Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California, admitted recently to having fathered a child on a woman who was once his maid. Arnold is a Republican, so he’s going to get the “full Monte” from liberals. Such a thing would be a “resume enhancement” for a liberal Democrat, but for Arnold, a Republican, it will mean the end of any further political aspirations; though not his movie career.

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