Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Excess Profits?"

Liberals want to steal ALL “excess profits” made by American businesses for themselves. Who gave them the right to decide how much ANY company should be “allowed” to make and take it away from them if they “deem it” to be “excess profits?” We hear talk about oil companies being asked to “ answer for” their “massive profits.” Since the government took it ALL in taxes, maybe THEY should “ ‘answer for” the “profits” THEY made on the same money. Profit is only profit if you get to KEEP it.

LEAKING INFORMATION: The biggest “information leak” in this country is its president. Until Obama told us, we didn’t even KNOW there WAS at “Seal Team 6.” Releasing such information puts members of such teams AND their families in danger. Obama should keep his mouth shut.

SMALL vs. LARGE CARS: I believe the liberal screaming that we should all drive small cars has caused the death of many Americans. Smaller cars are much more dangerous on the roads with all these huge semi trucks and other large vehicles out there. The smaller the car, the more likely people are to die in any accident. I wonder if ANYBODY keeps separate numbers about deaths in small vs. large vehicle accidents.

OBAMA: “MORAL IMPERATIVE”: When we talked about a “moral imperative” in the past, liberals called us “religious bigots. Now Obama himself is quoting SCRIPTURE to back up his newly found “moral imperative” called “border security.” Of course, he talks about it, but DOES nothing to ensure it.

YOU’RE DONE NOW: Obama says he’s going to get re-elected, and then he’s done. Really? I think he's done now. You couldn’t get elected dog catcher today after spending more money than there IS in just the first two years of your administration. Gawd, what arrogance!

THINLY QUOTED: Newt Gingrich did NOT say he was against the Paul Ryan budget. He MENTIONED “left OR right-wing social engineering,” and the left took that to mean he was against Ryan’s ideas, as they usually do if they feel there’s a chance to throw a monkey wrench into Republican politics. I’m no longer a big fan of Newt’s, because of his ad with Nancy Peelosi pushing global warming (I lost confidence in his judgment then). But let’s condemn him (If we’re going to do that) for something he DID do, not something he didn’t do.

RAISING TAXES ON THE WEALTHY: How STUPID is that? But that’s what liberals always want to do. Take money away from the very people who CREATE a good economy and, therefore cause them to wonder why they invest in profit-making and job-creating projects, anyway, because the liberals will just take it away from them. Without “the rich,” we wouldn’t have ANY economy.

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