Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama's Death Insignificant?

It is insignificant only in that it will make no difference in the Muslim war on the world. Yes, his death might be an EXCUSE for increased activity on their part for a while, but otherwise, will make no difference at all. They have a man (yes, a MAN) ready to step into his shoes and continue killing innocent people who don’t believe in their form of Islam.

“NO TROPHY?” Obama says he will not release the photos of Osama’s dead body because he doesn’t want to give the terrorists something to use as a “recruiting tool.” What does he think all those headlines all over the world will be used for? What does he think the actual KILLING of Osama will be used for? Should we stop hunting for ALL murderers because their capture or execution might be used for propaganda?

TERRORISTS WILL KILL ANYWAY: What makes this administration think Osama’s death will NOT be used as a “recruiting tool,” whether or NOT we release the photo of his dead body? Does he think the terrorists will say, “Those evil Americans didn’t gloat after they killed our leader so we’ll only kill a few of them today.”?

THE 5 THOUSAND YEAR WAR: Or the “Ten thousand year war.” Islam will ALWAYS be “at war” with the rest of the world because some of the rest of the world does not believe exactly the same way they do. They can CLAIM all kinds of things we did in RETALIATION for their atrocities as provocations for THEIR acts, but it’s a load of bullsh-t. There’s one reason and one only for their atrocities. We’re not Muslims, and not THEIR KIND of Muslim.

PALIN AND INCEST: The liberals are so afraid of Sarah Palin that they instigated a skit on “Saturday Night Live” about Palin’s husband having sex with her daughter. How LOW can you get? And they pretend to lecture US about “hate speech!”

ASSASINATION ATTEMPT: I expect an assassination attempt against Obama by the Islamic terrorists before long. Why? Because he SAYS he killed their leader and made him into a martyr. They should be happy their leader is now in Heaven having sex with all his “virgins.” That‘s how you get to Heaven, according to them. Wait; what? Oh, that’s for the “hoi palloi.” Not for their top leaders. Sorry; I forgot.

“THE PARTY OF NO”: The Democrats call the Republicans “the party of no.” What were the Democrats during the Bush administration? Yes, the GOP IS “the party of no.” No to all of Obama’s policies, which will, if he is allowed to continue, lead us to a “Soviet America.” And if you don’t understand what that means, you’d better learn, and fast.

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