Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Obama's A "Serial Liar"

One of the latest “big lies” is the easiest to disprove. That we produced more crude oil in this country than ever in history. Actually, according to Obama’s own EIA (U. S. Energy Information Administration), we now produce less than HALF as much crude oil as before. Further, any small increase lately came from Bush’s approving oil permits. Yet something else he “inherited” from George Bush.

OSAMA “MURDERED?” Well-known liberal pundit Juan Williams has referred to the killing of Obama as “murder.” How does he know? Was he there? Did he witness this murder? Or is he merely voicing an uninformed opinion? Even if bin Laden WAS murdered, that’s okay by me. I just wish we could “murder” him 3,000 times. That might “even things out” somewhat.

BIG MISTAKE: Al Qaida says America has “made a big mistake and committed a major sin” in killing Osama. Really. Since when is it a mistake killing the leader of a “war against America” that has killed thousands of innocent people and promises to kill more? Like Bush said: “bring it on!”

YOUCAN’T AVOID HIM: The biggest problem (for me) with Obama being president (besides his insipid and ignorant economic policies and listening to his constant lying) is the fact that I cannot look in ANY direction without seeing his ugly mug. I look at the TV and there he is. I look at a magazine rack and he’s on five different covers. I look at a newspaper track and he’s on every cover there, too! Above the fold on every one! When I turned on my computer this morning, the first thing I saw was Obama. I don’t think I can take another year or more of this, let alone another FOUR years. Let’s get RID of him! Damn!

“ANSWERING FOR OIL PROFITS”: That’s what Obama’s government says. What? Since when does ANYBODY have to “answer for” the profits they make? Who gets to put a “cap” on ANYBODY’S profits? We need to put a “cap” on the profit the GOVERNMENT makes on the same money in taxes. They make more on this money that the oil companies do! I’ll slap anybody silly if they suggest I have to “answer for” any profit I make.

WHO GETS TO DECIDE? Since when does the government get to limit the amount of profit ANY private company can make? Where in the Constitution does it say they can limit profits? Obama seems to think he has a lot more power than he has. Somebody needs to slap him down and wake him up to reality.

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