Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Disagree With Obama? You're A Racist"

That’s all it takes in today’s politics to be labeled a racist. Say ANYTHING against Obama, or just say anything he doesn’t like, and there are any number of “privileged” liberals who will call you a racist. People who grew up in “enclaves” of the super-rich with little or NO blacks in residence take it upon themselves to judge you a racist. They ask, “Can you be a racist and not know it?” the answer is “yes,” and they are “poster people” for that. I judge every person I meet as INDIVIDUALS and I judge THESE individuals as fools at best and evil liars at worst. Obama said, “Elect me and eliminate racism forever.” So we elected him, black and white voters alike, and ever since, he has called those who object to his thievery racists, rather than argue against our charges on their merits. Racism has NOT increased in this country; only those CALLING people racist has. Racism is no longer “the law of the land.” Laws making blacks and Hispanics "second class citizens" have been done away with. Any residual racism there may be is frowned upon by just about everybody. (World Net Daily)

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