Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Standing In Line to See A Fool

Many people stood in line for a long time to talk to Obama at the 9/11 site. But I wouldn’t bother to go ANYWHERE to talk to Obama. The man is a FOOL and not worth my time. Some people say you should “respect the office” of the president. I disagree with this fool in it.

“I WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK”: That’s what Obama said when he went to the 9/11 site for his “photo op” that will be used extensively in his next campaign. Don’t believe it! He doesn’t even believe we are “at war” with Islamic terrorists. He won’t even allow members of his government to use that term. Whenever the interests of the U. S. and Muslims come up, he ALWAYS takes the side of the Muslims. This is NOT “having our back.”

“OSAMA DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES”: That’s what Rush Limbaugh says. I guess he means that when you attack a “monster power” like the United States with a fifteenth century “army,” any death for you is as natural a death as you can expect.

TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE SYSTEM: THE Ft. Hood killer took advantage of the American system to pay for his schooling to become a doctor; and when it became time for him to repay us by using his new skills for our benefit he instead chose to kill 13 people and injure 30 more in the name of Islam. That’s the way one recipient of our largess chose to repay us.

TERRORIST’S MAIN WEAPON: Their main weapon against us is our liberals’ fear of “profiling,” even though profiling has been, and remains, one of our most used tools in the “war on crime.” But, apparently, not in the “war on Islamic terrorists.” They’ve got us so afraid of being called “profilers” we IGNORE the dark-skinned, bearded guys who they let pass with little or no scrutiny, while infuriating the rest of us by treating us like suspects.

FT. HOOD WAS A “GUN-FREE ZONE:” Did that stop the Ft. Hood “Dr. Death” from using a gun to murder 13 people? Did being a “gun-free zone” help any? Did it help in all those school shootings?

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