Thursday, May 26, 2011

"The Era of Reagan is Over"

Like many things said by many liberals, this is also STUPID. The “era of Reagan” is just code for conservatism. But conservatism is NOT dead. They WISH it was so they could make us into a socialist nation like the former Soviet Union. they hope if they say it often enough it will come true. Conservatism is now “waking up” to what Obama means to us, and they know it isn’t good. So they’re going to “put him out to pasture” in 2012.

ERS CLOSE WHILE MEDICAL CARE DEMAND RISES: Fully one fourth of Emergency Rooms in the US are closing, despite the rise in need for medical care. Why is this? Because there are no doctors coming out of medical schools because they fear they will not be able to make a living in Obama’s world. And they won’t. They won’t even be able to pay off their student loans unless Obama gives them some money.

NEVADA GIVEN WAIVER: The state from which one of the biggest supporters of Obama’s health care swindle came has asked for, and been given a waiver from that law, as has most of Nancy Peelosi’s friends. If it’s so good, why do these people need waivers?

OBAMA AFTER POTATOES: He has sworn to bankrupt the coal companies, in spite of the fact that without them, we would have no energy. Now he wants to ban white potatoes. What’s next? Gas and oil? What makes him think he has the power to get rid of all these things? He seems to want to get rid of everything that is necessary to our survival. We need to get rid of HIM.

AFGHANISTAN “EMBARRASSED”: Not that Osama could live in their country, right beside an army base, and without detection, but by the fact that American troops could come in and kill him without opposition. What’s WRONG with these people? Do they not know we can tell that he had support from high government officials? That he thought he was completely safe there? They’re mad that their troops next door could not stop us from killing this murderous bastard. We should make them be more than “embarrassed.”

OBAMA SCOWLS AT NETANAHU: At a “joint press conference” with Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanahu, Obama sat and scowled behind his hand as Netanahu “ate his lunch.” Bibi said, in no uncertain terms, that Obama’s “requirement” that the “pre-1967 borders” be restored as a PRECONDITION to any discussions between Israel and the “pretender state” of Palestine will NOT happen; ever. This has been tried before, but never so blatantly by a PRESIDENT of the United States. This proves Obama’s bias AGAINST Israel, our most important supporter in the Middle East. How STUPID is Obama?

CHINESE ARMY CAN’T COMPARE: That’s what a Chinese Army General (Chen Bingde) says, anyway; that we shouldn’t be worried. I’ll give him a clue: we aren’t. Never have been. But if Obama has his way we will be. He wants to make our military the “second-most powerful” in the world. And he’s taking steps to make it happen. Look at what he DOES, not what he SAYS. He’s tired of us being “supreme.” He has SAID so.

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