Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friends of Criminals

Obama is rightfully getting a lot of flack for inviting “Common,” a rap singer nobody (who counts) has ever heard of, to the White House in spite of the fact that his most famous song is about a woman who (allegedly) committed a double murderer (a member of the Weather Underground, a sixties terrorist group), escaped from prison and now lives in Cuba, and is a “good friend” of Bill Ayres, one of Obama’s personal friends and advisers, who bombed the Pentagon and got away with it. Why is anybody surprised? These are Obama’s kind of people. Thieves, murderers, home-grown terrorists, etc.

TAXING SOCIAL SECURITY: The Obama administration wants to put a tax on your Social Security income, just as if you had worked and earned it today. Never mind you worked and earned it a long time ago, and paid taxes on it THEN. They don’t care that this would be “double taxation.” This will not be the first time they taxed you more than one time on the same money.

REVEALING HIS RACISM: The Attorney General refused to prosecute the Black Panthers who plainly were there to intimidate voters at a polling place, in favor of Obama, because “they are MY people.” Such an action, or even such a statement out of an Attorney General ought to be grounds for dismissal. But don’t expect it from Obama.

KHADDAFI FINALLY MAKES PUBLIC APPEARANCE: After a LONG time, Moammar Khaddafi (however he spells it today) has made a public appearance. Obviously he’s deathly afraid of being assassinated, and rightly so. I don’t know if the Nave Seals have him targeted, but their record in killing people like him is a solid one.

“IT’S A LABEL, FOLKS”: Rush reminds the “no labels” crowd that “Hispanic” still IS a “label” so when you talk about the GOP having to back black amnesty in order to “court the Hispanic vote,” YOU are talking about applying a label to them. Sorry, folks.

“DROVE US IN THE DITCH”: Obama says we can’t elect Republicans and put “the very people who drove us in the ditch back in office.” There’s only one problem with that. It’s a lie. But we’re so used to hearing Obama lie we don’t even notice it. The Republicans didn’t CREATE this economic disaster; the DEMOCRATS did with their “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” and they “turned it loose” just before the 2008 election to make it LOOK like it was the fault of the Republicans.

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