Saturday, May 7, 2011

High Gas Prices: Bad or Good?

Depends on who is in office. When George Bush was in office the liberals “made hay” of it, blaming Bush for it. I think the price was about $3.50 a gallon at the time. Now Obama is president, Democrats still control the Senate, and nothing is being said about the high price of gas, which, as of this writing, is approaching $4.00 a gallon and still rising. What’s different? Democrats are running things (mostly) and their “lap-dog press” is not willing to do any stories about high gas prices.

OBAMA NOT TO RELEASE OBL DEATH PICS: He’s afraid of Islamic terrorist retaliation against our “soft targets” because of it. Well, I can set his mind to rest. They’ll CLAIM what they do in the next few weeks and months is “retaliation” for Osama’s “murder,” but their actions won’t be any more than they would have been, anyway. They might TRY something big, and maybe even succeed. But it won’t be because of Osama’s death. It will be “business as usual.”

HE’D STILL BE ALIVE: If Osama had simply surrendered, he would still be alive. Our soldiers are not murderers. They do not set out to KILL somebody. Osama has said, many times, that he will not be taken alive. This IS a war, no matter how much some liberals say it isn’t. The lack of an identifiable sovereign state notwithstanding. Osama “declared war” on the United States, he had an army at his command, and he was a legal target. He resisted, and stories about him not being armed are bogus, as are most of the confusing stories coming out of Washington. Osama went nowhere without his trusty automatic weapon; ever. Not even to the bathroom; and he was always ready to use it.

HOW COULD OSAMA LIVE IN PUBLIC FOR 5 YEARS? And unnoticed at that, right in the heart of a Pakistani city. The answer is, he didn’t. That whole “compound” was a setup from the word go. The close security, the “tall man” walking around, making milk men leave bottles outside, visible men walking around carrying auto weapons, etc. How much more could they have DONE to suck us in? And we bought it. Osama didn’t get killed years ago in his cave! Oh, NO! I just feel sorry for the Osama look-alike we killed. His whole job was to get killed.

“WHETHER THEY WANT IT OR NOT”: This is what is told to ALL Muslims. “We must bring Islam to all people, whether they want it or not.” Unspoken is, “If you can’t convert them, KILL them.” This is the basis for Islam’s war on the world: “Kill ALL who do not believe the way we tell them.” That’s a “peaceful religion.” Bull Derm.

OSAMA “UNARMED?”: That’s a load of stinky brown stuff. There is NO WAY Osama did not have at least ONE gun close at hand when the Seals broke into his bedroom. His gun was almost welded to his hand. He was never shown without at least one auto weapon in his hand or leaning against the wall next to him.

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