Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is Today "Judgment Day?"

Many Christians believe it is, but I don't. I do believe in a "supreme being" who orders this universe, but my idea of who and what it is might be different from that of others. First, I don't think something with the power to order a universe even knows I exist, let alone care if I worshiped him/her/it. If I'm wrong, I'll still be here tomorrow, but my wife won't. So I'll know.

“JUST HIRE PEOPLE!” That’s what the liberals are telling employers, just proving their complete LACK of knowledge of how things work. Employers cannot just “hire people” if they don’t NEED them and have nothing for them to do. To do so is to give them CHARITY that they cannot afford. Only the government can do this after they steal everything we have. How stupid ARE these people?

DRAGGING ALONG THE BODY: Rush says Obama is spending so much time extolling his own virtues by killing Osama bin Laden that he might as well haul the corpse along on the campaign trail. It ain’t agonna help him. He’s spent too much of our money and we need to get RID of him as quickly as we can. But his spending so much time campaigning is good; while he’s doing it, he can’t sign new laws to steal more. Mostly.

THEY WANT YOUR RETIREMENT MONEY: “Drowning in debt and faced with unpopular, unrealistic, ridiculously unpopular austerity measures, the government has announced that it will now tax private pension savings [money already taxed –RT] in order to raise 470 million euros (roughly $675 million) per year... a lot of money in a country of only 4.4 million people.” THEY claim it’s to “safeguard your money,” but it’s really to steal it. I don’t know why they talk about this in Euros, not dollars, but maybe they know something we don’t yet know.

REGULATING OBESITY: Liberals want to impose a tax on the parents of overweight kids. That raises several questions: One: who gets to decide who is overweight? Two: Where in the Constitution does it say you CAN tax people for being fat? Three: How about the blow to a kid’s “self-esteem” by being judged “fat?” Four: Where do politicians get off proposing such stupid ideas?

A MESSAGE FOR OBAMA: How DARE you make light of a situation that has KILLED many people with your sick jokes about a “moat” and “crocodiles” to guard against illegal aliens? You don’t believe there IS a problem? Of course! You don’t believe there is a war with Islamic terrorists, either. But people are dying because of it. In both cases, you need to open your eyes and face facts! You arrogant ass!

MASSIVE OIL PROFITS: This is about the “massive oil profits” made by the GOVERNMENT, not the oil companies. A figure not reported by the liberal media. Yes, the oil companies made $11 billion in profits last year. But the government took it ALL away from in the form of taxes. It's only profit if you get to keep it.

FRISKING A BABY! The numbnuts of TSA (Tough Sh-t Administration) felt up a BABY because they SAID they found “explosive residue” in her stroller. Was that “explosive residue yellow green and very stinky? Or did it smell like urine, which contains ammonia, that can also be considered “explosive residue.” How STUPID are these people?

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