Saturday, May 28, 2011

End Medicare? Big Lie!

That’s what FORMER House Speaker Nancy Peelosi says the Republicans want to do. How ludicrous a lie IS that? Does she really think Americans will believe that stupidity? Maybe a few years ago they would have, but now they’re “waking up” in “big numbers” to the lies the Democrats tell, and don’t believe ANYTHING they say. And that’s only right, given their lying history.

WHO NEEDS PHILOSOPHY? Everybody needs a “philosophy of life,” whether or not they realize it. If they disagree with that, THAT’S a philosophy. Having a philosophy, however right or wrong it might be, is necessary to life. You may not realize it, but just saying there is or is not an absolute is a philosophy and whichever way you believe, saying so is a “statement of an absolute and a philosophy.”

REMEMBER THE “SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC?” It was CAUSED by the federal government, which sent down “orders from on high” to doctors that ANY kind of flu they found MUST be diagnosed as “swine flu” to feed the fears about “swine flu.” This is how an “epidemic” is created.

26 ASSISTANTS: That’s how many Michelle Obama has. How many “Assistants” does a president’s wife have to have, anyway? How many did she have before he was elected? Damn, it makes me mad how people like that take advantage of their position in such a way. She doesn’t NEED 26 assistants. She just THINKS she does.

BODY COUNT: During the Viet Nam war, the liberal news media carried on a daily “body count,” which was inflated. It was a TACTIC they used to whip up hatred for the war. It succeeded.

FORCED TO BE “BAILED OUT”: The Wall Street Journal reported in 2008 that many companies were FORCED to sign acceptance papers and accept bailouts they didn’t need. Chrysler was obviously one of them. Chrysler has again repaid their “bailout,” and early. Probably with the very bailout money they received.

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