Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mitch Daniels A Washington Favorite

The Democrats are telling us that Mitch Daniels (Ind Gov) is the best Republican there is to run against Obama. Really? Why should WE take the advice of our ENEMIES on who to run? That simply tells me Daniels is the LAST candidate I would want to vote for. It really sickens me when some ignorant Republicans listen to such nonsense.

“TEA PARTY IS OVER?” That’s what well known liberal pundit Juan Williams tells us. His reasoning is because “Republicans don’t like them.” Really? Seems to me the Republicans haven’t had any love for the Tea Parties since the beginning, because they, like Democrats, know they can “upset their applecarts, and WILL, if they don’t do some changing instead of trying to defame the Tea Parties.”

THINNING IT OUT: Printing money with nothing valuable backing it is like pouring water into fine whiskey; the more you pour into it, the less whiskey there is in it, and the thinner it becomes. Our own government is COUNTERFEITING money by the BILLIONS of dollars. They’ll be the first to tell you that counterfeiting makes every dollar worth less. But not when THEY do it. I’ll keep saying this until SOMEBODY does something about it.

WE DON’T FRIGHTEN THEM: Islamic terrorists aren’t a but afraid of our interrogation techniques because our jerkwater president has ANNOUNCED to the world that we won’t hurt them, and we are going to treat them (except Osama, of course) the same as common criminals by reading them their rights and refusing to hurt them in any way.

BUT DON’T INSULT A DEMOCRAT: Democrats are very comfortable with gratuitous insults for their enemies. But don’t DARE insult a Democrat or any other kind of a liberal. They’ll scream like little girls and call you names.

“IMPERMISSIBLE ACT OF PUBLIC EXPRESSION”: The California Department of Transportation has shot itself in the foot by refusing to allow the display of an American flag on a monument to our soldiers in Olcutt, California because it is an “impermissible act of public expression.” Excuse me? I thought the Constitution of the United States GUARANTEED public expression! How stupid ARE these bureaucrats?

IT WASN’T OBAMA: Pakistan and America (under George Bush) agreed 10 years ago that if there ever was good intelligence that Osama was hiding in their country, we had “carte blanche” to come in and get him. All Obama could do was say “no,” and he couldn’t. So, like many other things, the credit should go to Bush for “getting” bin Laden, no matter how we “got him.” Now Pakistan is threatening us if we do it again, even though they agreed to it many years ago. What galls them is that it wasn’t THIS administration that made that agreement.

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