Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will Brown Run for President?

He came out of nowhere, just as Obama did, and won “Teddy Kennedy’s seat” in Congress, something the “experts” predicted was impossible. Will he now run for president? Obama did it as a “first-termer,” so why not?

MAKING IT WORSE: Obama and his gang CREATED the “economic woes” which we are now suffering, to get elected. Now everything he does makes it worse. If anybody can prove this statement wrong in any way, I DEFY them to try. But they’d better have verifiable proof, not innuendo and name-calling, which Democrats usually use.

WAYS TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY: Obama keeps asking people for ideas to improve the economy while roundly ignoring all their suggestions if he doesn’t like them. I’ve got another he’ll ignore: “Get the hell out of the way! Lower taxes, which will improve incentive, and thus productivity.” But as usual, he will not only ignore it, he will laugh at it.

TARGETING 8-YEAR-OLDS: An eight-year-old child was stopped from flying because his name was on a “no-fly-list.” Meanwhile, the “skivvy bomber” slid right through, even though he was trying very hard to tell us what he was, and nobody was listening.

DEMOCRATS RATTLED: They’re wetting their pants. If a Republican can win in Massachusetts, they can win ANYWHERE. And that scares the hell out of the Democrats. The “Obama Magic” is gone. He has been shown as a failure as president, which is the one failure they cannot brag about. Come 2012, he’s history. Come 2010 election, his majority is history.

DON’T KILL OBAMA: I’m sure there many who would like to assassinate Obama, on both sides after his disaster in Massachusetts. But remember, if he’s gone, we’ve got Joe. And after Joe is Nancy Peelosi. I don’t think they’d be worse than Obama, but they’d be just as bad, so why waste a bullet? Remember, those monitoring “conservative” web sites, I’m NOT advocating the assassination of Obama. Don’t come and talk to me about it. If you can’t figure it out for yourself, I can’t help you.

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