Saturday, January 9, 2010

Losers and Slobs

The Islamic terrorists are ever on the lookout for losers and slobs to recruit. They look in prisons and in the sleaziest part of any city to find people who just can’t make it on their own; people with obvious “social issues” who always blame others, rather than themselves and their own lack of talents and abilities for their failures. People who are easy to “mold” into the kind of stupid people who would kill themselves in order to kill others they blame for their failures. This is the kind of enemy we’re fighting and if this is “profiling,” so be it.

REVENGE: Muslims like to say their attacks are in revenge for our attacks on them, which would not have happened if not for their earlier attacks on us. Do they really think we BELIEVE they are the “aggrieved party” in all this? If they do, they’re stupider than I thought they were.

PROFILING: Women wearing traditional Muslim headscarves are “singled out” for extra scrutiny in airports, and they wonder why. They call it “obvious profiling,” and they’re right. But what SHOULD we do when Muslims (not all of them, I know) are murdering us all over the world because we don’t believe the same way as they do. Ignore them? No; we profile them and subject them to extra scrutiny. Anything less would be STUPID. And we’re not stupid, as extremist Muslims seem to think we are.

DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER: They’re going to the Supreme Court about many things, including felon’s right to vote, saying it “disproportionately” affects black people. Whose fault is that? If a disproportionate number of black people would not commit crimes, they would not be felons and in prison.

LOOKING FOR MISFITS: Islamic terrorists know that only the “misfits” of society will be interested in their perverted opinion of the world. People who were too lazy to go to school and learn how to excel, ANYWHERE. Those who blame the world for their plight, instead of themselves. They find them in prison and in the sleaziest parts of town. This is where they find their converts.

THEY COUNT ON IT: Politicians count on the fact that most people are too busy living their own lives to pay a lot of attention to how they’re spending their money. So they have nothing but contempt for those who call them and write to them, criticizing what they’re doing. That’s the main reason they pay no attention to their constituents when they contact them and NEVER! Never read their letters.

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