Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Fed Audit--Ever

The Federal Reserve CONTROLS our money supply and it’s head serves at “the pleasure of the president.” But it will NOT open its books to ANYBODY; president or not. Who screwed up and allowed that when the Fed was created? When you create an organization that CONTROLS, absolutely, every dollar in the United States, you do not allow it to operate without SOME sort of oversight. But apparently we have, and the Fed has taken full advantage of that, operating a “shell game” with our money.

TEA PARTY “RADICAL”? That’s what liberals are saying.) The Tea Party says, “Stop spending all our money.” “Stop taxing us to death.” "Stop creating inflation by printing money with nothing behind it.” Stop killing innocent infants before they can even emerge from the womb.” “Don’t take over the medical profession. They don’t NEED it.” Tell me. Is THIS “radical?” If you think so, YOU may be radical.

“THE PARTY OF NO”: That’s what the Democrats call the Republicans. It’s true! They are definitely “the party of no” concerning the collectivist (socialist, fascist) things the democrats are doing. On top of that, the Democrats, who control everything in Washington, will not let them into a single meeting. How could you be anything but “a party of no” when they won’t let you talk and everything they're doing is against everything you believe?

“SO YOU KILL ANIMALS, HUH?” That’s one of the regularly asked questions when liberals get to question Sarah Palin, to which she always answers, “We’re human. We eat. So we shoot game to put on the table. So do you. But you have somebody else to kill the game that you hold in captivity. We live a little closer to nature in Alaska so we have to do the killing, too. That usually shuts them up.

IN DEFENSE OF FAT: People are criticizing the new Surgeon General for being “overweight,” and she's whining about it. Like there’s nothing unhealthy about being overweight. And there’s something wrong about calling attention to it. There’s nothing a black man can do about being black. But there IS something an overweight person can do about being overweight, beyond starting a lobbying group to criticize people who call attention to them being overweight.

WILL THE UNIVERSE SURVIVE? Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin will be in the same room tonight as he interviews her for Fox News. Will the liberal universe survive? Or will many liberal skulls explode at hearing so much truth in one place at one time?

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