Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama Like A Messiah

Democrats still (mostly) think of Obama as a “Messiah, and they’re right. At least a little bit. He DID manage to bring the Republicans back to life, didn’t he?(Glenn Beck)

OBAMA IS STUPID! He has promised to BANKRUPT the coal industry. Isn’t he smart enough to know that without he coal industry this country would have no power and would collapse? Could he BE this stupid? I think so.

DEMS SAY PUBLIC WANTS GOP TO WORK WITH THEM: For a change, they’re right. It does. But the Democrats want total control, so that’s not going to happen. They have systematically eliminated the GOP everywhere they can.

”ONE-TRICK PONY”: That’s Obama. He thinks the only way to govern is from the extreme left. With an “iron hand.” And that attitude is going to cost him and the Democrats, dearly. And soon. (Stolen from Fox News)

WHY DON’T WE CAPTURE OSAMA’S SON? Unless Osama doesn’t give a damn about his son, that might “draw him out” IF he’s still alive (I think we made him into a cinder early on when we bombed one of the caves in which he was cowering). His son, interviewed in a dingy strip club in Damascus (I didn’t know they had any), said his father is worth more to the U. S. alive, than dead. Actually, Osama bin Laden isn’t worth a damn to anybody. If I found his dead body, I’d throw it in a trash bin with the rest of the trash.

“SHOOT ‘EM ON SIGHT”: Obama brings Islamic terrorists into the United states and gives them the rights Americans enjoy, including the right to remain silent. Conservatives, on the other hand, he’d like to shoot on sight. I think he’s got his priorities reversed. I’ve seen presidents I wasn’t fond of, but this is the first one I thought was completely STUPID.

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