Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Democrats Stand By Reid

Is anybody surprised? When a REPUBLICAN (Trent Lott) had the temerity to say something nice about a retiring (and soon to die) conservative senator (Strom Thurmond) from the South, the Democrats vomited up so much barf about it he was required to resign. When a DEMOCRAT says something that is patently RACIST, the Democrats say “there is no reason to ask him to resign.” Is this, or is it not a patent “double standard?” And they think the American people don’t notice this? What are these people SMOKING?

LOOKING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION: "The fact is that post-Umar Farouk, post-Richard Reid, and eight years post-9/11, this country is still flying blind when it comes to airline security. Another young male Islamic extremist tries to kill hundreds of innocent people, and the response is the same: Heightened airport security for travelers of all ages, nationalities, and religious backgrounds -- instead of increased focus on those who look, act, worship, and travel like terrorists.”

FIDDLING WITH THE CONGRESS: They’re not going to let Scott Brown take Teddy Kennedy’s seat in Congress (if he wins) until AFTER the vote on Obama’s health care swindle. “As Democratic chances in 2010 are buffeted by public opposition, Republican Brown's chances to win the seat have shifted from science fiction to a real possibility.” Even if he wins they won’t seat him until AFTER the vote on Obama’s health care swindle.

MISPLACED PRIORITIES: New York City is teaching drug addicts how to properly “shoot up.” At the same time, they’re making laws to reduce the amount of SALT in our foods. The foods we get in packaged form from the grocery, or from a restaurant. They’re doing it so slowly nobody will notice—they hope.

CREATING RACISM: Democrats “read into” certain comments, racism that might not even be there, while excusing the racism in statements made by Democrats and excusing them.

HEALTH INSURANCE SWINDLE: There’s a reason why many people don’t have health insurance. They can’t afford the high costs caused by government interference in the life insurance industry. Fining them if they don’t buy it isn’t going to change that. It’s just going to make it worse. Imprisoning them if they don’t pay the fine is going to cause a revolution, and I’ll lead it.

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