Saturday, January 23, 2010

Liberals and Gun Control

They KNOW they can’t eliminate ALL guns. It’s like putting toothpaste back in the tube. They’re out there and to fight that, we need more guns in the hands of honest, reliable people so the “bad guys” can’t know if his/her intended victim will be armed and able to get rid of one more criminal, some wearing badges. But they're not smart enough to know that.

DISARMING AMERICA: I heard that “there are no guns in Haiti” (a myth, though there aren’t many), and then I see pictures of Haitians running around carrying machetes, terrorizing people. Which again proves what I’ve always said: Get rid of guns and “bad guys” will find other weapons with which to terrorize people.

DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? When al Qaida says the attempt to blow up an airliner is “in revenge” for operations we took against THEM? What a load of stinky brown stuff. Do they think we will forget all the OTHER attacks THEY have undertaken against us?

GOVERNMENT HELP? The only thing the government did to help us combat airplane hijackings is to stop telling us to “just sit quietly and you’ll be okay” when someone hijacks an airplane. That went out the window on 9/11. Now, several such attempts have been stopped by angry passengers.

TELL ‘EM TO GO TO HELL: When someone tries and subject you to “political correctness” in your speech, tell them to “go to hell” and say what you wish. So far, this is a free country with freedom of speech, even though the liberals are trying as hard as they can to change that.

SYSTEM WORKED: WRONG! The “system” clearly failed in the case of the “skivvy bomber.” What WORKED is angry passengers, who took action. Janet Napolitano proved, by her statement that “the system worked,” that she is in NO WAY qualified for the job she holds, and should be FIRED. Not “allowed to resign,” publicly fired.

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