Friday, January 8, 2010

God Is Gay?

That was on a sign I saw on television, taken at a protest against a state making a law declaring “marriage” a union of a man and a WOMAN. But He isn’t. Or he would not have created MARRIAGE for men and women. I have nothing against what gays do, That’s not my business. But they make it my business when they insist on using the WORD “marriage” to describe their “unions.” Let them have the same rights, but don’t CALL it “marriage.” That’s what they insist on.

CAN’T WE JUST GET ALONG? That’s what a phony black clergyman said in front of the White House, saying he wished Rush Limbaugh and Obama would stop fighting; as if it’s all Rush Limbaugh’s fault that there is a fight going on about Obama’s health care swindle, and that the only person in the world who was “fighting” Obama was Limbaugh. What a jerk he is!

LOTSA BLACK CLERGYMEN: Seems to me there are lots of “black clergymen” out there doing politics, and most of them are on the liberal side. Such as the guy just above, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the like, none of whom seem to have graduated from divinity school, and most of whom seem to be self-made “clergymen.” They’ll call this “Racist,” of course, so they won’t have to answer the charge inherent in the post.

OBAMA’S RULE #1: “Always blame someone else.” Bush if you can, or ANYBODY who was in power during the Bush administration. That way, nothing can ever be placed at your doorstep. HE’S TRYING TO BLAME bush for 9/11, but it isn’t working. Democrats Clinton and Gorelich are responsible for the “wall of silence” that stopped various intelligence agencies working together and sharing information.

CLOSING GITMO: Obama says he’s going to “close Gitmo.” But then he has to OPEN another detention center for Islamic murderers or let them go. What does he gain? Other than the APPEARANCE he is keeping an “election promise?” To him and the rest of the liberals, “appearance” is everything.

FREEING ENEMIES: Freeing Islamic murderers is STUPID! All they want to do is KILL us because we don’t believe the same way they do. But that’s what liberals want to do. Would we have freed German soldiers we captured on the field of battle during WWII? Knowing they would go right back and swell the ranks of the soldiers who were fighting against us and killing our soldiers? No. Because that would not make sense. This doesn’t either, and that has never bothered liberals.

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