Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Not ""Profiling"

It's not profiling that's bad, it's how the profiler USES the information he gains from profiling. For instance: thinking a black man MUST be a criminal because he's black is stupid. Looking closely at Middle-Eastern-appearing men with names like Ahmadinijad or Abdul because they are Muslims when our biggest enemies are ALL Muslims, who want to kill us because we don’t believe the same way they do is just common sense. But if you PUNISH that Muslim because he IS a Muslim, you're wrong. You have to use that closer inspection to determine if he is or is NOT a Muslim extremist.

DEMS CAN DODD: “With the obvious canning of Chris Dodd, the low approval numbers of the President, and the inability to argue the facts on nearly every argument, it's becoming clear that Democrats are in full-fledged panic mode. They are desperate, and desperate people act out in often inexplicable ways.” (Glenn Beck) Hold onto your wallets!

BARNEY NEEDS TO GO: With several top Democrats resigning or retiring, the next one that needs to go is Barney Frank. He was, next to Dodd, the biggest architect of the economic slowdown when he “stood up for” Fannie and Freddie before the Dems “pulled the plug” on them in order to elect many Democrats, including Obama. He said, many times, that there was “nothing wrong” with them when he had to know there was. Their whole purpose was to buy bad loans, created by the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Ace of 1976.”

REPORTS OF THEIR DEATHS GREATLY EXAGGERATED: Both rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck were reported dead recently. Rush from a heart attack, and Glenn from a plane crash. Neither were true, though Rush did go to the hospital with chest pains (and paid cash). They found no heart attack. Liberal bloggers and pundits gleefully reported it, and many readily said they hoped they were both dead. If conservatives had said anything like that about someone like Teddy Kennedy, the vomit would still be coming out of liberal mouths.

HAS ANYONE DIED? Bureaucrats Are always warning us against things “because someone could die.” But when you ask them, “Has anyone died? Can you refer me to someone who got an infection? Anyone? The bureaucrats' answer is always no. But it's better to be cautious, they say.” (John Stossel) Better to be cautious because that gives them more power over the rest of us.

AYN RAND WAS RIGHT: In her ground-breaking novel, “Atlas Shrugged” (still available in most bookstores and on Amazon) she described one man who was most instrumental in destroying the economy for his own enrichment. His name was Wesley Mouch. Who is today’s “Wesley Mouch?” There are many candidates, but I nominate Barney Frank, (Democrat representative from Mass.) because he was instrumental in getting the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” passed and rebuffed Bush’s every effort to fix things

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