Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Failure Is A Badge of Honor

That’s what it is among Democrats. Recently one of their objections to a Bush appointee is that he has never failed at anything. So he should be excluded from holding a high government post.

“WILLFULLY MISCHARACTERIZED: That’s what a high official said concerning former vice-president Cheney’s remarks about Obama. But those of us who HEARD what Cheney said, recognize COMMON SENSE, not mischaracterization in his remarks. It’s a typical method used by Democrats. Call him names but don’t try to refute him point for point, especially when you can’t. Scream LIAR but don’t mention specific lies.

RELEASING TERRORISTS: Did we release prisoners of war during the Korean War or WWII? Yes, I know these are not “prisoners of war” because they’re not uniformed soldiers from a recognizable country. But under the “rules of war,” that means they’re spies and we can shoot them where they stand, rather than take them prisoner. Why don’t we?

POLLS ARE ALL OVER: That’s what Democrats say about the “polls” being for or against the health care swindle, and they only pay attention to the ones in favor of it. Mostly done in liberal country among liberals, of course. They criticize the Republicans for opposition, as if they were supposed to be FOR it.

SECRET MEETINGS: Obama PROMISED there would be NO “secret meetings” to pass laws. Yet another broken promise. They’re still trying to pass the health care swindle—behind closed doors. And that’s not the only one. C-Span, the TV channel he promised they would be on, is trying to get them to do it, but is meeting much resistance. Surprise, surprise!

NOTHING! That’s what happens when you tell people what Obama is doing to us. They nod their heads and then go wash the car. Washington ignores us and just goes on doing what it’s doing. What’s it going to take to wake up America?

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