Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pelosi Praising A Dead Horse

“When Pelosi was first handed the gavel in January 2007, the U.S. economy employed 137.3 million people and our nation's unemployment rate stood at 4.6%. According to the Labor Department's most recent report, the U.S. economy has shed 6.3 million jobs since then, and 10% of our workforce is now unemployed.” (Heritage Foundation) She paints that as “progress.”

DEMOCRAT ASSAULTS NEWSMAN: This newsman (John McCormick of Weekly Standard) was trying to talk to a controversial Democrat state’s attorney. He was pushed to the ground (by Michael Meehan), then repeatedly pushed away as the SA got into the car and sped away. The media reported it as “a reporter took a tumble” and the aide (Meehan) who pushed him down was said to have “helped him up.” This is politics today, folks. This is a tactic they teach them. I’d have punched him in the chops and called a cop.

DEMOCRATS IN TROUBLE: Or they wouldn’t be pushing reporters down to keep them away from controversial Democrats. We thought this kind of tactic went away with “yellow journalism” 100 years ago. Apparently it didn’t. They claim violence at “Tea Party” meetings, but no violence has happened before the Democrat union thugs have appeared.

THE “BIG LIE” AT WORK: Newsweek's Howard Fineman, in a desperate effort to deny the documented racism of Democrats, says “Republicans have a terrible record on race.” Forgetting entirely that when the Equal Rights Amendment was passed, it was the Republicans pushing it, and the Democrats fighting it “tooth and nail.”

IS “OBAMACARE” UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Was it James Madison, the WRITER of the Constitution, who once said (paraphrasing) “I fail to see anything in the constitution saying Congress can take property from one citizen to give to another.” He certainly should know, being the AUTHOR of the Constitution, itself. So everything Obama is doing in an effort to “share the wealth” is not only ILLEGAL, it’s unconstitutional.

MANY REASONS: There are many reasons why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should resign. His racist remarks are only one of them. One of the biggest is his efforts to shove Obama’s health care swindle down the throats of the American people against stiff opposition, about which he cares little.

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