Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Improving The Economy

Obama recently held a much ballyhooed meeting of businesspeople at which he asked a dumb question: “How do I get business going again?” The answer is simple and he should know it: LOWER taxes. Reagan did it an almost DOUBLED the “tax take” while creating the biggest and longest-lasting boom in recent history. Bush did it and continued Reagan’s boom, in spite of eight years of Clinton’s meddling. Works every time it is tried. But Obama doesn't even want to DISCUSS it.

“REVENUE NEUTRAL”: Obama says his health care swindle will be “revenue neutral.” That’s “Washingtonese” for “free.” There’s NO WAY you can take over 1/7 of the American economy without it costing big bucks. This is the biggest LIE he’s told yet.

END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS: A motorist is suing a municipality for giving him a camera stop light ticket, saying it is unconstitutional. They say since it’s a “good thing” they should be allowed to do it. It helps save lives. Forget the Constitution. Shooting murderers out of hand helps lower the murder rate, too.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS: There are too many unconstitutional laws on the books being enforced, for me to count. That document was violated almost before the ink was dry on its signing (and back then, ink dried SLOWLY. (See “The Whiskey Wars.”)

“RUNNING SCARED”: The Obama administration, right after announcing closer cooperation with Yemen on fighting terrorists (which he will not officially call terrorists), CLOSED the American Embassy in Yemen after the terrorists called and threatened the embassy personnel. What happened to “beefing up” the embassy and telling them to screw off?

“OPENING A SECOND FRONT”? The news media is asking if we’re “opening a second front” in the war on terrorism in Yemen. Actually, it’s the TERRORISTS who are “opening another front” in that war. We may be RESPONDING to it. They’ve been operating in Yemen for years.

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