Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Premeditated Murder"

"PREMEDITATED MURDER for the health care swindle!" Gawd, I hope so! That’s what MSNBC’S Chris Matthews (he of the “tingle up my leg when Obama speaks” fame) screamed on “hardball” about voting for Scott Brown in Massachusetts. What a DINGBAT! When are they going to get rid of this jerk? He doesn’t even know where his rear end is. He couldn’t find it if he was sitting in his hands.

NOT A TRADITIOINAL NEWS SERVICE: New White House communications director Daniel Pfeiffer says, ”Fox News is not a ‘traditional’ news organization.” And he’s right. Fox does not “toe the White House (liberal) line.” It tells BOTH SIDES of every issue. It has more liberal “analysts” on staff than anybody else to make sure both sides are brought out. That’s NOT “traditional.” But that’s what the American people want, Dan. (Media Research Center)

LEAVE IT TO THE DEMOCRATS: Scott Brown lovingly teased his two daughters in his acceptance speech, but leave it to the Democrats to make his remarks about them “being available” a “creepy remark.” The Democrats have dirty minds, and they can always be depended upon to put ANY comment by a Republican in the “darkest light.” They’ll probably call me a racist for that “darkest light” remark.

IT’S THE DEMOCRATS, STUPID! CNN’s Carol Costello said the Republicans had “created fear and confusion among voters.” I got a clue for ya, Carol: it’s the DEMOCRATS who “created fear and confusion,” not to mention determination to derail them, among the electorate by trying to RAPE this country even more than Democrats have been raping us before. I thought even YOU could see that, but I guess not. Democrats really think Republicans should support DEMOCRAT plans and schemes, and get upset when they don’t.

CAN’T TALK SENSE TO DEMOCRATS: It should have been “crystal clear” to Democrats that the American people wanted no part of their health care swindle but apparently it is not. Obama and his henchmen are still determined to shove it down our throats if they can. I don’t think they can, and I think their efforts are going to destroy the Democrat Party, which is not a bad thing.

ATTACKING THE WEALTH-MAKERS: Every time Obama opens his mouth he attacks the very people who CREATE wealth and jobs in this country. How long will it be before they stop creating wealth and jobs, and stop giving him most of his political contributions?

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