Thursday, January 28, 2010

Attacking the Victims

Obama’s people CREATED the economic disaster we’re now experiencing, to get him and a lot of other Democrats elected. (By passing and enforcing the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act 0f 1976”), FORCING lenders to loan money to deadbeats. Now he’s blaming the bankers and lenders, who were FORCED to loan money to people who would never pay it back. I hate to use the word “hypocrite” since it is so overused. But no other word applies to Obama better.

“ALL EYES ARE ON OBAMA” Looking to see what he will say in his “State of the Union” message. What for? He will, as usual, tell a bunch of lies and make more outlandish promises he has no ability to keep (which he knows, but he’ll make them anyway). I guess he might actually tell us something if we know to think just the opposite of what he’s saying.

“PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS”: The Democrats know they’re in trouble. They use some of the most down and dirty tricks possible in the best of times. So the tricks and filthy scams they will use now might be unthinkable to human beings, but not to them. They will lie, cheat, and steal to maintain their power, even if it is impossible.

ANYTHING TO BLAME AMERICA: Iran is blaming their latest plane crash on us. They’re saying our sanctions are stopping them from getting parts to repair their airplanes, and they may be right. That doesn’t mean it’s our fault. Maybe they ought to think about such things before they thumb their noses at the rest of the world to EARN those sanctions.

THREATENING US: Islamic terrorists are always telling us about the terrible attacks they are going to visit upon us. And they wonder why we “profile” Islamics and give them much more attention than anybody else. If a certain kind of a pig threatens you, do you pay more attention to sheep? No; you pay more attention to that kind of a pig.

LISTEN MORE: Put “two-and-two together.” Obama is asking for ideas on how to know when somebody like the shooter at Ft. Hood or the “skivvy bomber” is about to “go off the rails” and kill some people. The answer is in the headline. The Ft. Hood bomber did everything he could to let people know what he was, and the “skivvy bomber” did, too. His own FATHER warned us, but we never “put two-and-two together” until it would have been too late if he hadn’t been badly trained.

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