Sunday, January 10, 2010


Women wearing traditional Muslim headscarves are “singled out” for extra scrutiny in airports, and they wonder why. They call it “obvious profiling,” and they’re right. But what SHOULD we do when Muslims (not all of them, I know) are murdering us all over the world because we don’t believe the same as they do. Ignore them? No; we profile them and subject them to extra scrutiny. Anything less would be STUPID. And we’re not stupid. I think.

BIPARTISANSHIP: That’s what liberals (Democrats) are always on about, which is stupid. There IS no bipartisanship in a free (or mostly free) country. The only place where there is bipartisanship is in a DICTATORSHIP, where dissention is not allowed, and is grounds for a prison sentence, sometimes death. The Founders DESIGNED partisanship into this country’s political system when they specified three different branches of government, and more than one political party.

WHAT’S HE BEEN SMOKING? “SAN'A, Yemen – Yemen's president said he is ready to open a dialogue with al-Qaida fighters who lay down their weapons and renounce violence, despite U.S. pressure to crack down on the terror group.” This is why we’ll never be free of fighting these terrorists. Politicians like this who actually BELIEVE the terrorists will “renounce violence” and disarm. They might TELL us they’re going to do it, but it will just be a swindle to gain time to rearm and gain more fighters from prisons and slums.

THEY CALL ME A “HAWK”: Because I don’t fall for the silly notion that we can “talk to” our enemies, who only want to kill us because we don’t believe the same way they do. We’re not going to change that (at least, I’m not), just to satisfy people who want to kill us because of our faith. There are far too many wimpy people in this country who might just do that to satisfy them.

ANATOMY OF A LIAR: Liberals said many times, “Bush lied, people died.” But they could never come up with a lie Bush told. Obama has lied many times, right out in the open. C-Span is howling about him not allowing them to televise his “behind-closed-doors” meetings where they’re debating his health care swindle (as he promised many times), and rightly so. He told us many times they would be televised on C-Span, but LIED.

“I’M SORRY”: That’s what Democrat Harry Reid said when they remembered his racial slur, uttered during the misguided election that elected Obama president. I expect Democrats to forgive him and “sweep it under the rug.” If a REPUBLICAN had done it, the Democrats would still be vomiting up bile about it and you’d NEVER hear the end of it until that Republican had been “run out of town on a rail.”

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