Sunday, January 31, 2010

They Just Will Not Learn

Senate Majority Leader Reid extracted a promise from Ben Bernanke to “work to ensure more people will be able to get loans” before he would agree to support his renomination. Excuse me, but isn’t forcing lenders to loan money to people who could not pay it back what started the economic problems we’re in now in the first place? And Reid wants Bernanke to keep doing it? How stupid are these people?

ATTACKING THE MESSENGER: Look at the item just above this. There is a good question therein, but Democrats will never answer it. They’ll just criticize me for having the temerity to ASK it. That’s their “modus operandi” and how they keep from having to answer pesky questions like that.

PROFIT IS ALL: Obama hates profit, even though he must make a profit himself when he sells things to people in other countries. He GAVE billions of dollars to companies “too big to fail.” What is it he expects these companies to do with the money WE earned, and which he gave them? Make a PROFIT! That’s the only way these companies can avoid failure. But when they do finally make a profit, he wants to take it away from them in the form of “excess profits taxes.

PRO-ABORTION KILLERS MAD: The baby-killers are mad because “Focus on the Family” is running an ad in the Super Bowl extolling the virtues of not killing the result of unprotected sex and they’re mad. Mad that ANYONE would run an ad AGAINST killing their unborn children before they even have a chance at life. Boy, is this world screwed up!

ALITO TOLD THE TRUTH: When he sat there and listened to Obama lying about their recent decision outlawing part of the McCain-Feingold Act. He didn’t jump up and shout “You lie!” as one congressman did when he couldn’t take Obama’s ;lies any longer. He merely whispered it to another Justice, and the press went wild, saying he should just SHUT UP! I think he’s as entitled to his opinion as any other American citizen, and was within his rights if he DID stand up and shout “You lie!” The big problem in this country now is nobody DOES call Obama on his many blatant lies. The King (Obama) really IS naked!

CHANGING HISTORY: George Orwell’s prophetic book, “1984” was all about changing history. It was fiction, but it told us what today’s liberals are trying to do in what is still a “somewhat” free country by using the “big lie” theory where you tell a lie over and over until it becomes truth and people will fight you if you try to set them straight. Changing history is absolutely necessary if liberals are going to succeed in foisting socialism (a failed system that has failed every time it has been tried) upon us--again. Woodrow Wilson almost succeeded early in the 20th century, and Teddy Roosevelt moved us even closer. Then we got FDR. If he hadn't died in office, we'd have had a dictator.

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