Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Comey's Big Fizzle

Dumocrats waited breathlessly to hear what former FBI Director Comey has to say before that congressional committee (This was written on Wednesday before he was to testify). They think what he says is going to END Trump. But I say what he has to say will end HIM. It will have been shown to be a silly assumption on his part, and if Trump actually DID say something actionable, look for Comey to go to jail for not obeying the LAW and reporting it to somebody—and he's not gonna do that. I think he has NOTHING, and merely hoped to hurt Trump with his unsupported word in this world where “the seriousness of the charges” is more important than what really happened.

WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THEM”: The media is now saying of the Islamic terrorists, that all we have to do is “look at them with love, and try to understand why they hate us so.” But we already know what we did to make them so mad. We didn't all “fall to the ground” and convert to their damned “religion,” as intelligent people refuse to do. And “look at them with love?” What an ABSURD notion. How do you look with love on people who want to KILL people who will not surrender and “convert” to their phony “religion?”

ONLY DONE BY ONE PARTY: The Dumocrats are now admitting that Obamacare has failed—because it was done by one party. What a damned fool excuse that is! It failed because it was screwed up by that party! Now it needs to be ELIMINATED and replaced by something that MIGHT work by the other party. Truth is, they screwed it up ON PURPOSE so that, when it predictably failed, there'd be calls for a single-payer program—which is what they've always wanted and have already started calling for. And they think intelligent people can't figure that out.

OBAMA: GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER? I keep getting requests to vote on this question, when I don't even know why someone with any intelligence at all would even ASK it! Obama was clearly one of the WORST presidents, probably THE worst president we've ever had. There's no question about that in the minds of intelligent people. One of the requests is even in response (supposedly) to statements made by REPUBLICANS that he was one of the best presidents in history. I'd really like to know the NAMES of those Republicans, so I can vote them out of office. They're too stupid to serve.

KATHY GRIFFIN IS STUPID: She tells us, “Never in history has a sitting president said the things Trump has said about me!” Really? Maybe somebody needs to instruct her on history which, for her, seems to have BEGUN the day she was born. They should tell her about the many “sitting presidents” who have responded in kind to some of their more stupid critics. One president even challenged such a critic to a DUEL! He wanted to KILL him! She blames Trump for her career suffering, but he didn't tell all those venues to cancel her shows. Whatever happens to her, SHE brought on herself.

CONGRESSIONAL WITCH HUNT: Fox News is currently fouling the cable with the congressional “investigation” into the “Russian Connection,” disguised as an inquisition about former FBI Director Comey's CLAIMS that Trump told him to drop the investigation into his former National Security adviser. He CLAIMS he “kept notes” about that meeting, and promises to reveal what was said when he testifies. But nobody has ever SEEN these “notes,” and I doubt anybody ever will. They probably don't even exist—and if they do, they don't support his word that Trump told him to stop the investigation. If he did, and Comey didn't report it, he, himself would be in trouble because he will have committed a felony.

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