Monday, June 19, 2017

What IS It With NBC?

They've been in the news a lot lately when their news anchors falsify news stories. Brian Williams lied and said he was in a helicopter when it took fire in Iraq one time, to “spice up the story” when he arrived LATER in another helicopter that did NOT “take fire. Katie Couric edited out the answers several gun experts gave to one of her key questions to in her interview on “gun control” to make it appear as if the experts had no answer. Now former Fox host Megyn Kelly is “recutting” an interview she had with Alex Jones, of “Infowars” to make him look loony. What its it about NBC that causes their people to do such things?

VITRIOLIC POLITICS: Politics today is not a “friendly discourse.” It's PAID violence, paid for by Dumocrats. It's stage shows depicting the killing of President Trump, being lauded as “great art” by the liberal media. It's a comedienne holding up a bloody severed head that is supposed to represent Trump's head. It's a guy with a LIST of conservative Republicans he wants to kill, who himself died in a hail of gunfire when he started shooting at a group of REPUBLICAN lawmakers (he made sure of that) who were practicing for a charity ball game.

SLAP ON THE WRIST: You've no doubt heard about that girl who egged her boyfriend on to commit suicide, until he did. Well, she got convicted of manslaughter, which carries a possible sentence of 20 years in the slam. I think she deserved a LOT more than that. She knew exactly what she was doing, although I can't understand a man who would kill himself at the suggestion of a vengeful girl. He must have been a very weak-willed guy. This is an evil vixen.

COSBY'S HUNG JURY: Bill Cosby's trial on unproved sexual assault charges ended in a deadlocked jury, so the judge declared a mistrial, and they';re going to do it all over again. I don't know if he's guilty or not. But I think a woman's UNSUPPORTED word should not be enough, by itself, to condemn a man to a death sentence—and that's what ANY prison sentence he got would be, at his age (he's only a month older than me). Yes, drugging and raping a woman should be punished, WITH physical evidence. But it's just too easy for a woman to come forward YEARS later, after all the physical evidence is gone, with her accusation.

TRUMP TWEETS”: Trump has Tweeted that he is under investigation, and that surprises a lot of people. What isn't being said is that Trump has been “under investigation” since January 20, 2017. The very MINUTE he took office after being legally elected president. Dumocrats have been giving him an “anal exam” every day, and have found NOTHING they can use to “get rid of him” before he finishes tearing down their “house of cards.” Liberals (and even some Republicans) want him to stop Tweeting. His Tweets are way too effective. But Tweeting is his best way to connect DIRECTLY with Americans.

VIOLENT POLITICS: Have you ever heard of violence being committed by REPUBLICAN politicians or their supporters? Have they ever gone “into the streets” and RIOTED? I don't think so. But the same can't be said for the Dumocrats. There have been many riots in support of their efforts to dislodge Donald Trump from the office he LEGALLY earned in the 2016 election, and, while it has not been PROVED, there is word that there are many PAID demonstrators among them, paid by the Dumocrats.

KIM IS “CONCERNED": Kim Jong Un is “concerned” that America MIGHT “attack” him. And he has every right to BE “concerned,” since he has worked very hard to PROVOKE us into attacking him. Not his country—HIM. There is only one way to FINISH him and his repressive regime that has murdered THOUSANDS, possibly millions of people over the years, without killing a lot of innocent civilians. That's to “take HIM out” with a “surgical strike,” the same way we recently took out some of the top leaders in ISIS. Find out where he is, and drop a blockbuster bomb on his head.

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