Friday, June 16, 2017

Dumocrat Panic

They've lost their majority in both houses of the Congress. They've lost the presidency. They've lost THOUSANDS of seats in state legislatures, as well as many governorships. They're in panic. Every day comes a new attempt to displace the legally elected president of the United States. None of them are based on EVIDENCE, only on lies, innuendo, and twisted facts. They can't come up with anything REAL, so they make it up, hoping something will stick. So far, nothing has. Not the “Russian connection” pipe dream, nor the Comey firing/obstruction of justice fairy tale, or anything else.

COMEY'S A POLITICAL ACTOR: Most people consider James Comey to be an honest man—and he may be, in his dealings as the director of the FBI. But he was an incompetent director, and was fired for it. Now he's out to do as much damage to Donald Trump as he can as REVENGE for being fired. After that fateful meeting with President Trump, where Trump had him stay after others left, he did NOT seem to “feel” that Trump had “instructed” him to “lay off” General Michael Flynn. However, after being fired, he “suddenly remembers” feeling “uncomfortable” and that Trump had ORDERED him to lay off Flynn.

RUSSIA KILLS AL-BAGHDADI: Or so they say. We're still trying to confirm it, and if experience is any teacher, we won't get much help from the Islamic terrorists, who will deny his death to their dying day—which I hope will be soon. The word is they not only killed him, they also killed 30 other of their leaders and 300 terrorist killers, sending them all to collect their virgins. I hope they have enough; that's a LOT of virgins. The only thing I can say about this is, if it's true--it's a good start.

THEY CAN GET ALONG: Dumocrats are always calling for “unity,” even though the founders DESIGNED our system so that there would BE no unity. “Unity” breeds dictatorships. But when you start shooting at congresspeople on a baseball field, you GET unity—at least for a short time. The Dumocrats won their baseball game, but gave the trophy to the Republicans, to be placed in the office of Rep. Steve Scalise to represent their “cumbaya moment,” which MAY last until the next session of Congress.

THE “SPECIAL COUNSEL”: They emphasize the “honest reputation” of the special counsel they appointed to “investigate” President Trump. But they failed to mention that the “special counsel” is a close buddy of James Comey—a “role model,” “father figure,” and “mentor” to him. They also fail to mention that Muller hired a bunch of liberal Obama operatives as his “investigators” and lawyers. It couldn't be more clear that he is setting Trump up to be charged with SOMETHING. You don't set up an “investigating body” composed of the subject's bitter enemies and not expect them to find something, ANYTHING to use against him, even if they have to manufacture it.

LEFTIST PROPAGANDA: The NY Times has resurrected it's own debunked story that the killer in the Colorado theater shooting was a “right-winger” to again try to convince the world that the shooter at that practice for a Dumocrat/Republican baseball game was also a “right-winger.” That's notwithstanding the fact that this shooter (as well as the Colorado shooter) is a LEFT-winger in his attitudes and conclusions. Both have “bought” the left-wing BS, and spout it at every opportunity. The fools at the Times are so steeped in their own ignorance that they do everything they can to convince us they're right.

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