Friday, June 9, 2017

Gun Law Frenzy

The Los Angeles Times actually said recently, that “The right to bear arms is more dangerous than terrorism.” They're in PANIC, folks! They see state after state realizing reality and approving concealed carry for law-abiding human beings, and that frightens them. Never mind the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who want what's yours and are willing to just TAKE it. They apparently WANT those crooks, crazies, and Islamic terrorists to prevail.

MORE GUN CONTROL, MORE CRIME: That seems to be what's happening more and more, every day. Places (like Chicago) that have extremely tight gun laws, also have the worst “gun crime” problem in the nation. It's just as bad in Europe. “Throughout the 20th century, various nations in Europe tightened their controls on guns owned by law-abiding citizens. In many cases, the new controls amounted to bans on entire classes of firearms, licensing and registration requirements for the few firearms that could be owned, rules on storing guns and ammunition, and bans on possessing the guns in public for self-defense, whether said guns were carried openly or concealed.” And gun crime predictably spiked.

MEGYN KELLY FLUBBED: She turned down a $20 million contract for a chance at both an evening and a morning show at MSNBC. WRONG! Her highly touted “blockbuster interview” with Russian strongman Valadmir, Putin flopped badly. It ended up behind a RERUN of 60 Minutes, Which, itself, ended up behind a basketball game. She ended up THIRD in the time slot. Moreover, she was easily replaced at Fox. Tucker Carlson took over her time slot and INCREASED ratings. And, for your information, not many of her Fox viewers followed her to the MSBC channel. Personally, I wouldn't watch MSNBC if you PAID me.

WASN'T WHAT THEY WANTED”: Liberals expected Comey's testimony before the Senate to “put the cap” on their pipe dream that Trump collaborated with the Russians to get elected. Instead, he “blew them out of the water” by revealing, under oath, what everybody knew, anyway: that Trump had never even been under ANY kind of an official investigation. That's because they have NO EVIDENCE of any such collusion, and that HE is a “leaker.” He called Trump a liar, but he told several obvious lies, himself, that day.

I TRUSTED OBAMA”: Former DFBI Director Comey kept detailed notes (true or false, we don't know), but never did with Obama. Obviously, that's because he hated Trump and planned to do everything he could to derail him. And he needed those notes to use as a “smokescreen” to give the media something to report. He CLAIMS he did it because he didn't trust Trump not to LIE about what was said in their meetings. He didn't trust Trump, but he DID trust Obama—one of the most prolific liars ever to be elected president. That raises the question: why should we trust COMEY not to lie?

WE ARMED ISIS”: Recently declassified documents show that WE armed ISIS. It is claimed that those weapons were “lost.” really? You mean you didn't know about all the weapons and other military equipment that was ordered to be left behind when Obama ordered our soldiers to FLEE from Iraq and Afghanistan? Weapons and equipment he KNEW would end up in the hands of the Islamic terrorists? That's an old story, but true. Obama has “deniability” about this, but he did it several times. Once is an accident. Several times is a SYSTEM of deception.

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