Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wa Po Pushes False Figures

In an obvious effort to make gun control look good, the Washington Post says that most of the 1,300 fatalities they mention are accidental deaths of CHILDREN. What they fail to mention is that a lot of them were suicides of people in their late teens, and of the others, most are gang members killed by other street gang members in “drug buys gone wrong.” Like all anti-gun fools, they regard guys up to 19 as “children.” This gives a false perception that this many TODDLERS are getting killed by guns.

FBI: “GUN CONTROL DIDN'T WORK”: The FBI recently came out with a report that basically says, “Gun control, as we know it, wouldn't have stopped the Alexandria shooting.” Virginia anti-gun fools say “lax gun control in Virginia is responsible,” but that's wrong. The guns the shooter used were bought LEGALLY in Ohio, not Virginia. It is said that he shouldn't have even been ABLE to buy a gun because he had been CHARGED with domestic abuse in the past. Note: he was “charged,” but not CONVICTED. Thus, he had a “clean record.” Frankly, NONE of the current gun control laws now in force would have had a bit of control over his gun purchases.

IT DIDN'T WORK": So let's try something else.” The “Russian connection” narrative didn't work, because of a complete dearth of EVIDENCE. So let's quietly try something else. So now they're trying to go the “obstruction of justice” route, in spite of the fact that the president has the unalterable RIGHT to stop ANY investigation he wishes to stop. Any prosecutor can decide to stop an investigation, and he is the CHIEF prosecutor.

HEALTH CARE BILL WILL KILL!” That's what the liberal media is saying, even before it is POSSIBLE for them to have polled people to find out the truth. They're saying Trump's health care bill will take health care away from MILLIONS, all without any kind of proof, as usual. They make such pronouncements without anything to back them up, and expect us to believe their blather. They whined about the Republicans not letting people see the bill, completely forgetting THEY did just that when they created that abortion, Obamacare. Meanwhile, the GOP just released the bill for public consumption.

PREGNANT TRANS-GENDER MAN: The liberal fools are now pushing the impossible idea that a transgender man is CAPABLE of becoming pregnant. This story is about a tranny man who has NOT had the surgery, so it would be IMPOSSIBLE for him to become pregnant, even if he had. They even show a picture of him with probably a basketball making it LOOK like he's actually pregnant with his SECOND child. How he did it the first time is, simply adopt a child and CALL IT a birth. Liberals are also saying a man can menstruate. Such ignorance!

DOSE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE: The stories about Russian planes “buzzing” our planes and ships in international waters has become routine. We protest, but they keep on doing it. So this time, an AMERICAN plane “buzzed” the plane carrying the Russian Defense Minister and they called it a “provocation.” Of course, they don't recognize their own planes buzzing us as a “”provocation.” I wonder how they liked it.

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