Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Natural Broadcaster

This may not be on subject, but it's so good I HAD to say something. NASCAR driver Joey Logano won't have to worry about a job after his racing career is over. He's a “natural” as a racing commentator. He came up with what I consider the absolute best line ever when he described Kyle Larson's early career as “hitting everything but the lottery and still staying up front.” You don't come up with lines like that if you're not a natural. Somehow though, I suspect it'll be a long time before his driving career is behind him.

BAN RENTAL TRUCKS! Islamic terrorists use them to kill people! They're just too easy for the average person OR a terrorist to get! Their other important uses are unimportant, compared with their ability to kill people if misused. This is the same argument used by the anti-gun fools in their constant efforts to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and is just as stupid. You don't stop people who want to do others ill by banning the items they use to accomplish it.

IGNORANT LIBERALS IN MEDIA: Most of them are at MSNBC, but at least one is at CNN. A MSNBC anchor wondered if trump is trying to provoke a terror attack to prove a point. The usual liberal way to paint everything Trump does in the worst way—with NO evidence to back them up, of course. Another MSNBC fool wonders if the English are going to overreact to Islamic terror. Frankly, there IS no overreaction to terrorists randomly killing people. CNN'S Sally Kohn wants to fight terror with “tolerance and political correctness.” Nobody with any intelligence thinks “tolerance and political correctness” will win against people whose only wish is to KILL everybody who doesn't believe in their stupid “religion.”

BRITISH ANTI-GUN STUPIDITY: They continue to field UNARMED cops, in spite of the fact that Islamic terrorists are “running wild” in their country, killing and maiming their citizens. What's going to happen when an UNARMED cop comes upon an ARMED terrorist? Just what DID happen recently, when some unarmed British cops came upon some ARMED terrorists and had to run. In Borough Market, they came upon some men indiscriminately stabbing people, and they turned and RAN. What the hell GOOD are unarmed cops? And these bad guys didn't even have guns!

FISH SWIMMING IN STREETS: AlGore, the "prophet" of global warming religion believers, tells a story about fish swimming in the streets of Honolulu and Miami because of global warming (or climate change, the name they now use). He HAS to know that this happens every year because of high tides caused by the moon, but he uses it to further fool the idiots who buy his global warming garbage. He knows intelligent people won't believe him for a minute, but he depends on the less than intelligent to support his fairy tale. This is a SWINDLE he started, and which has made him a BILLIONAIRE. And he keeps pushing it.

WHO HAS TRUMP'S EAR? Old white, rich, Republican men, according to Politico. And right that is. These old, white, rich, Republican men (and a few black, rich men, also Republicans of course) are the people who should know, most things. They didn't get rich, black or white, because they're dumb. They got rich because they knew what was going on, and how it affected their business. Young broke people, black or white, don't KNOW enough to be Trump's advisers. And why should he EVER have to consult with Dumocrats? I don't know ANY Dumocrats who could add ANYTHING right to his knowledge.

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