Thursday, June 8, 2017

It's A Big Nothingburger!

That seems to be a popular thing to say in DC today, after Hillary said it about the “investigation” into her mishandling of official e-mails while she was Secretary of State. It has also been used to describe other investigations in DC, many of which have been going on for months, and using up the time of many congresspeople and appointed officials and costing millions of dollars, to discover—nothing. I'll tell you what the BIGGEST “nothingburger” is—it's the investigation into the “Russian Connection” and the imagined Trump collaboration with it.

THEY'D SHOOT EACH OTHER!” British anti-gun fools tell us it's a good thing the killers in London only had a rental truck and some KNIVES to use to kill innocent people in London. That if it happened in America, where guns are so easily available, the death toll might be HUNDREDS, rather than seven as armed and panicky people shoot wildly and probably shoot more innocent people than terrorists. How STUPID is that?
UNARMED COPS BAFFLE CITIZENS: They just can't figure out WHY several countries put UNARMED cops on the streets, KNOWING that most, if not ALL neer-do-wells are likely to be armed. And they can't figure out the fuddled thinking of politicians who think DISARMING their citizens is the way to self defense. It frightens me to see unarmed cops running AWAY from a couple of men in London who are STABBING people in the streets or cowering behind the doors of their patrol cars in France while Islamic terrorists kill eleven people while they watch.

THE AGE OF OVERREACTION: We are living it. Everything Trump does gets an overreaction from “Trump haters,” even if it's a good thing. They don't care. If Trump did it, it has to be bad. If he washed his face, he has a”nasty reason” for doing it. If he FARTS, he's “poisoning the atmosphere. They overreact on EVERYTHING. When he pulled out of the Paris Accords because it was a USELESS exercise in futility, they said he was “destroying the planet.” They never say HOW that destroys the planet because they CAN'T. He's not. It's all in their fuddled minds (if they have any).

USE WHAT YOU CAN”: That seems to be what the Islamic terrorists are telling their “believers” today. With all the “gun laws” tightening up because of their deadly pursuits, guns are becoming harder to come by (though not impossible). So now they tell them to use whatever they can find to kill unbelievers. Trucks? You can rent those easily, and use them to mow down innocent unbelievers like hay in a field. Knives? Go in any kitchen. You can use them to stab everybody in sight. Pressure cookers? Go back to the kitchen. They make dandy bombs.

RUN; HIDE; TELL; THROW BEER!” That's how an UNARMED population “fights back” against Islamic terrorism, according to the British PM. After a major shooting a few years ago, the British did the only thing they could think of; they DISARMED everybody so they'd be perfect victims of subsequent attacks. In this case, the attackers didn't even use guns! They first ran a rental truck into a crowd, killing some, injuring many. Then they jumped out and started stabbing everybody they could, until the armed cops finally arrived and killed them.

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