Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pushing Gun Control

PUSHING GUN CONTROL: As I predicted, gun control advocates lost no time using the shooting in Alexandria to tout gun control. Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe was the first to stand in the blood of the victims of the Republican baseball practice (for a charity ball game) and demand more USELESS gun control laws. He said that “Wednesday is not a good day to talk about gun control,” then proceeded to talk about gun control. But he's not smart enough to know that the way to “gun safety” is NOT to disarm the populace.

WHY ALWAYS LIBERALS? Every time you hear about somebody shooting somebody over politics, the shooter is a liberal. Why is that? Lee Harvey Oswal\d, who killed John F. Kennedy, was a COMMUNIST. The man who killed Bobby Kennedy was a Muslim extremist. The movie theater killer in Colorado was a left-winger, even though the media tried it's best to intimate he was a “Tea Party member.” Today's shooting of a congressman at a ball park was a Bernie Sanders supporter/Trump hater. There has not yet been, to my knowledge, such a shooter who spouted CONSERVATIVE politics. There probably will be, someday, but he will not be common.

NEVER SAY GUN CONTROL!” Never, ever! That's what anti-gun fools are saying, now. They've figured out that the words “gun control” are too descriptive of their efforts to deprive us of the means to self defense against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who merely want to do us ill. So now they're campaigning to eliminate the words, “gun control” from the lexicon. That's how they work. When we get “onto them,” they just change the language. That's what they did with “global warming,” now called, “climate change.”

USE WHAT YOU CAN”: That seems to be what the Islamic terrorists are telling their “believers” today. With all the “gun laws” tightening up because of their deadly pursuits, guns are becoming harder to come by (though not impossible). So now they tell them to use whatever they can find to kill unbelievers. Trucks? You can rent those easily, and use them to mow down innocent unbelievers like hay in a field. Knives? Go in any kitchen. You can use them to stab everybody in sight. Pressure cookers? Go back to the kitchen. They make dandy bombs.

RUN; HIDE; TELL; THROW BEER!” That's how an UNARMED population “fights back” against Islamic terrorism, according to the British PM. After a major shooting a few years ago, the British did the only thing they could think of; they DISARMED everybody so they'd be perfect victims of subsequent attacks. In this case, the attackers didn't even use guns! They first ran a rental truck into a crowd, killing some, injuring many. Then they jumped out and started stabbing everybody they could, until the armed cops finally arrived and killed them.

BRITISH ANTI-GUN STUPIDITY: They continue to field UNARMED cops, in spite of the fact that ARMED Islamic terrorists are “running wild” in their country, killing and maiming their citizens. What's going to happen when an UNARMED cop comes upon an ARMED terrorist? Just what DID happen recently, where some unarmed British cops came upon some ARMED terrorists and had to run. In Borough Market, they came upon some men indiscriminately stabbing people, and they turned and RAN. What the hell GOOD are unarmed cops?

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