Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rodman Better Be Careful

He likes to visit Kim Jong Un on occasion. He thinks he's safe because “they are friends.” That ignores the fact that Kim has MURDERED many of his own generals because they “displeased” him. He is also in the habit of kidnapping Americans and holding them hostage. Dennis Rodman is an American, and he recently gave Kim a book Kim might consider an insult. Rodman has no diplomatic immunity. Kim might just decide to make him his next victim. He'd better get out of N. Korea, fast—before Kim turns on him.

IS TRUMP UNDER INVESTIGATION? That seems to be the big argument these days. Trump says he is. And he's right. He's been “under investigation” from the very moment he stepped into the White House as president. By those who wish to “get rid of him.” Never mind he was lawfully elected after two years of campaigning and giving people good reasons WHY he should be elected. Meanwhile, the opponent that the Dumocrats “served up on a platter” by making it impossible for Bernie Sanders to win a single primary, no matter how many delegates he won.

TWEETER-IN-CHIEF”: Should Trump keep on Tweeting? Yes! Absolutely! The Dumocrats don't think so. They think Twitter should close his Twitter account and stop allowing the lawfully elected president of the United States to speak (although in 140 words or less at a time) directly to the American people. Tweeting is largely the reason he IS president, and he knows it—so do they, which is why they want to stop him from doing it. He's using it very effectively still, and they want to END that.

FIRST DEGREE MURDER: Otto Warmbier died today (as this is written) as a result of the treatment he received from the N. Koreans, who suspected him of stealing a POSTER. A propaganda poster, at that. Something that, in his home country, would have (maybe) gotten him probation as a first offender. In N. Korea, it got him a DEATH sentence and, if he survived their torture, 15 years in one of their scummy, dirty prisons where inmates have NO rights and suffer daily abuse by sadistic “guards.” That should get Kim Jung Un a death sentence, at our hands.

DEMOCRAT SHOWS HIS IGNORANCE: California Dumocrat State Senator Scott Weiner (Hmmm....I wonder if he's related to “Carlos Danger?”) blames the “baseball field shooting” on lax gun control laws. It doesn't occur to this incompetent politician that the laws that ARE in place do NOTHING to “stem gun crime,” but instead, INCREASE it, by DISARMING the honest people while doing NOTHING to disarm the bad guys. So far, every “gun law” does nothing BUT make it easier for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals and other bad guys to victimize the law-abiding people who DO obey those ignorant laws.

GUN LAWS MEAN NOTHING: Not to criminals and other bad guys, anyway. Whoever told the anti-gun fools they could stop them from their crimes by making a law that says people who don't OBEY laws cannot be armed is ignorant. And the politicians who believe that crap are incompetent. Criminals who have been asked their opinion of gun laws tell us they APPROVE of it, because it makes it a lot easier for them to rob and kill, because the chances of their intended victims being armed is a lot smaller

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