Friday, June 2, 2017

It Didn't Work

Chicago put 1,000 extra cops on the streets in hopes of “stemming gun violence” over the Memorial day holiday. But it didn't work, as it never works with MOST of their actions to “stem gun violence” in Chicago. 52 people were shot during this period, and seven of them died, in spite of the increased police presence. One day, Chicago politicians might wake up to reality, that they need to do something about their gang problem, and that will reduce gun violence tremendously, But I doubt that will ever happen.

GUTTING MEDICARE”: That's what the Dumocrats are promoting: that Trump is “gutting Medicare” with his “cuts.” But there ARE no cuts. He is reducing the INCREASE in funding this year for many programs, including Medicare. In this government, every program gets an automatic 10% INCREASE every year, no matter how much they spend or how successful or unsuccessful they are in their mission. It's called "baseline budgeting. "And any effort to REDUCE that increase is called a cut. This is a con that has been used for many years, successfully.

FIRED FROM DENVER POST: A sports writer for the Denver Post got fired because he said he was “offended” that a Japanese won the Indy 500. He's obviously thinking abut the losses we took at the hands of the Japanese during WWII, and you can't blame him for that. But his being offended is misplaced. The Japanese people were not the ones who attacked us and waged that war against us. It was the politicians and military who did. And I'm sure in the political climate in Japan at the time, those who who didn't agree didn't DARE say it. The Japanese man who won the Indy 500 was NOT, himself at fault for that war, and shouldn't be held to account for it.

PULL US OUT, DONALD! The “Paris Accord” is a time and money waster put on by the liberals. It “enshrines” that global warming/climate change SWINDLE that has made AlGore a billionaire by screaming, “the sky is falling!” about man-made global warming. Something that does not exist. Yes, the globe might have been “warming” at one time (almost 20 years ago), but it is CYCLICAL, and NOT man-caused. Anybody who thinks we can affect the climate in any meaningful way is deluded. Trump needs to pull us OUT of that abortion.

BRINGING IT ON HIMSELF: Kim Jong Il says he's worried about the United States attacking him. So he “waves his saber” at us on a regular basis, letting us know he is approaching success in his wish to attack the American mainland with a nuclear bomb. He's just ASKING for it, and I will not be surprised if he gets it. The only way to stop him from getting a nuclear bomb and the ability to send it to an American city other than simply bombing him out of existence is for China to do something about it. If China does nothing, watch for it.

ADDING NAMES: Hillary is now adding new names to the list of people she blames for her incredible loss in the 2016 election. Earlier she blamed the Russians and collusion with Trump, and the FBI director. Now she has added Wikileaks and Infowars to her imaginary list of those responsible. Now she has added Macedonia to her list. She just won't admit she lost because she was a lousy candidate, and a socialist, to boot. She has to blame everybody BUT herself for her ignominious loss. She really ought to just “shut up and go away” because she's making a fool of herself.

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