Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why Listen to Chelsea?

Chelsea Clinton is so obviously a Dumocrat plant, it's obvious—to everybody but the mind-numbed robots who vote Dumocrat. They're obviously trying to groom her for a future political run, but she just doesn't have “the chops.” Everything she says is simply parroting the Dumocrat talking points, and there's not an original idea anywhere near her head. She gets to speak to various liberal crowds, arranged by her parents, to help her gain name recognition beyond that accorded to the “princess” of the Dumocrat Party.

THEY THINK WRONG: The Japanese and Germans in WWII thought they could go up against us, and they were wrong. The Russians, in Syria, have now “drawn their red line” that they THINK we cannot cross. While Obama was president, that would work. But not with the fighter that is now in the White House. If they fire ONE missile at an American airplane, there will be consequences that they will not like. Their armed forces are on the “ragged edge,” due to lack of finances, but ours is NOT.

AWWW....POOR BABIES! Hollywood is “melting down” after the victory for a Republican in the Georgia race that was supposed to spell THE END for Trump when a Dumocrat won. Only the Dumocrat DIDN'T win. Dumocrats spent $50 MILLION dollars in gullible donor's money to get that Dumocrat elected, and they lost again. Seems like, in the last few years, they can't beg, borrow, or steal an election win with all their vote fraud.

MISGUIDED LAWMAKERS: In California, they passed a law allowing teachers and other school staff to be armed, so that, if some crazy came to their school to kill children, they could shoot back, Now, you'd think that would be a good idea, wouldn't you? But Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (Dumocrat, of course) doesn't think so. He has introduced a measure that, if passed, will DISARM those teachers, who are NOT the problem, and leave them DEFENSELESS when that crazy comes to their school to kill children, which IS the problem.

THEY THINK THEY WON: Dumocrats have leaped on the fact that Republicans only won by a small margin in Georgia (where they were supposed to win, BIG) to delude themselves that they won. Dumocrats winning there was supposed to be THE END of Trump, signaling that the voters had lost confidence in him. But what it did show was that the voters still loved Trump, and they couldn't even BUY an election with $50 million bucks spent. But they still (on the surface, anyway) call it a victory, signaling future wins—which aren't going to happen. They've lost FOUR major elections just lately.

WE CAN'T BE SUED!” That's what the Black Lives Matter bunch that DeRay McCesson says he leads says, because they aren't a legally-incorporated organization, with no governing body, or membership. He's right. But HE can be sued personally, for inciting a riot in which this police officer was injured. That cop just needs to change the target of his suit, and I'd bet McCesson doesn't have insurance to pay such a judgment. And he will personally suffer.

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