Monday, June 5, 2017

Didn't Make A Dent

In Chicago, which, with some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, they confiscated 118 guns from just one gang, and it didn't make a dent in the “gun problem” in Chicago. They put more than a thousand more cops on their streets and that didn't help, either. All these guns were ILLEGALLY owned, but they don't talk about that. They just want to disarm honest, law-abiding folks to make it easier for the owners of ILLEGAL guns to victimize them.

BRING OUT THE POLAR BEARS! If you want to see a bunch of pictures of polar bears, just get the president to announce a decision the global warming fools don't like. Like pulling out of the “Paris Accords.” One of the most famous polar bear pictures was one of a “poor, forlorn polar bear” on an ice floe knowing he's gonna starve because the ice is melting. Only one problem. It was a phony. Polar bears can swim hundreds of miles and are NOT facing hardship or extinction because the “ice is melting.” The ice is NOT melting. Believers tell you it is, but they're lying.

POOR BABY! Kathy Griffin is whining that Trump and his people are hurting her feelings after she took a picture of herself holding up a mock severed head of President Trump and posted it on the Internet. She's accusing Trump of “bullying” her. Isn't that what she did to Trump with that picture? What the hell did she expect? Not that Trump should “hurt her feelings,” but that he would call her to account for it. It's only something she deserves. I wonder how liberals would have responded if that “severed head” was Obama's, instead of Trump's? They would have gone INSANE, as they have over Trump's “backing out” of the Paris Accords. They're good at that. Going insane is part of their “toolbox.”

THERE'S NO “GUN VIOLENCE”: There's no such thing as “gun violence.” It's simply “violence.” Period. If guns didn't exist, there would still be violence, and the people wanting to DO violence would use the next best thing, as they did years ago when guns DIDN'T exist, or were too costly for most people. They used knives. They used swords; or clubs—or their bare hands. Whatever was at hand. I don't recall anybody ever bemoaning “sword violence” 200 or 300 years ago. It was “just violence.” Islamic terrorists and their “fellow travelers” even use CARS, and TRUCKS to kill people. They also use explosives. The point is, is, it's NOT “gun violence,” it's just plain VIOLENCE.

KATHY GRIFFIN'S STUPIDITY: Failed comedienne Kathy Griffin decided she needed to become better known—have more “fame.” So she went out and bought a Donald Trump mask and decorated it to look like a bloody severed head, and posted a picture of herself on TMZ holding up “Trump's severed head.” She got what she wanted. Now the whole world knows her name. Meanwhile, her “career” is falling apart, and she's (like Hillary) blaming everybody BUT herself for that, when SHE did it. She found out the “bubble” she lived in wasn't the real world.

INCREDIBLY STUPID: I can't believe some of the incredibly STUPID remarks being made in the liberal media by liberal politicians. They regard pulling out of a bad agreement to be responsible for all sorts of impossible things. They think a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature over 100 years is going to be disastrous. They have the audacity to think MAN has the ability to change a WHIT in the ambient temperature of this world. They talk about the Maldives being under water. About kids getting asthma more often. About whole islands disappearing under an INCH higher water levels, IF those higher water levels ever even happen. Their incredible hysteria is FUNNY. They're ma\king complete FOOLS of themselves,

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