Sunday, September 12, 2010

Top UN Executives Go To "Retreat"

They couldn’t have this meeting in that expensive waste of prime real estate in New York City. They had to go to a “Remote Mountain Retreat” in the Alps (at our considerable expense) to make up their minds on how to make that phony global warming scam a top item of concern (and other swindles such as how to capitalize on the rising tide of illegal immigration).

COPS KILL KNIFE-WIELDING DRUNK: And the citizens go wild. Nobody seems interested in the fact the cops were confronted by this man who wanted to kill them with that knife and got killed himself in the process. They forget that those cops wanted to go home that night and had SECONDS to decide what to do. Someone ought to tell people like this that it’s not a good idea to attack cops with a knife. They have guns and WILL use them if threatened.

HOW TO HANDLE THAT “UPRISING”: The cops should “take down” the people who are throwing deadly missiles down on them from the building roofs, even if that means killing them. They should “target” those who are “stirring up” all these people in the first place for “fomenting violence” and put them in jail.

“IT DOESN’T EVEN WORK FOR US”: “A journalist for The Atlantic recently asked the retired Fidel Castro whether he still thought Cuba’s communism was exportable. And the old man replied, ‘The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore’.” (Paul Jacob/Common Sense) That’s a major admission for Fidel Castro, who has killed many people in the name of communism, to make. But it’s the one statement he has made that I believe.

“IT’S UNDER DISCUSSION:” That’s what politicians always say when they don’t want to make a hard decision. That’s what they’re saying now about whether or not to “talk” to that stupid preacher who has promised to burn Korans. They’ll still be “discussing it” when he lights the match.

THEY COULDN’T GIVE THEM AWAY! Obama went to Parma, Ohio, to sell his latest fanciful scheme and they had 75 seats left over when he got there. The seats were free, but they still had no takers. Obama blames it on the economy. I blame it on nobody wanting to hear his lies any more.

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